My FAVORITE TOP 10 Las Vegas Construction Projects Casinos, Resorts, Bars, Venues

Today I am trying out something different. We are going to look at my Top 10 list of construction projects I am following this year. Who doesn’t love a nice top 10 list 😉 It includes casinos, resorts, music venues, bars, restaurants, as well as just plain infrastructure projects.

And here is a list of recent videos on some of these projects (in no particular order):

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15 thoughts on “My FAVORITE TOP 10 Las Vegas Construction Projects Casinos, Resorts, Bars, Venues”

  1. Fontainebleau is the name of a palace and forest south southeast of Paris, France. The pronunciation is roughly: phone-ten-blow. For some reason. Americans pronounce -bleau as -blue, and the resort's color reflects that as well. When I hear -blue, I cringe.

  2. As always, great video! If you ever do a top 10 in the valley, you could include Durango, Centennial Bowl, etc. Also thanks again for doing the 360 of the strip during the day and night. I go back and watch those all the time.

  3. Thank you for this excellent review of the exciting construction happenings coming up. It's going to be an exciting year or two! I'm looking forward to future videos updating these.

  4. What about A's new stadium? I personally wish it could be on the site of Festival Ground.
    NFL+NHL goes to South Strip, F1 goes to the middle, MLB+NBA goes to North Strip.
    Las Vegas being Sport mecca.

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