Matchbook Suspended Over $1,000,000 Betting Scam? (UK Gambling Commission)

Have the UK Gambling Commission suspended Matchbook over a $1,000,000 a day betting scam? See my reaction video on Matchbook temporary suspension.

What do you think is going on? Why? Share your thoughts in comments below.


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In this video, Caan Berry is talking about the latest development on Matchbook temporary suspension by UK Gambling Commission.

33 thoughts on “Matchbook Suspended Over $1,000,000 Betting Scam? (UK Gambling Commission)”

  1. Hello dear ❤️ I don't if you will find this comment or not, please give me a reply, Can I scalping on matchbook like Betfair (in horse racing or greyhound racing) or matchbook don't allow scalping?

  2. Hey berry , I don't know if you would have an answer to my question but I would like to ask if you think it's safe to go through exchange agents like ( betinasia , easysportbet or bet-football) to access a betting exchange like orbit exchange or betkeen exchange. I'm living in Canada so I don't have access to betfair so I'm looking a safe alternative…….please help me bro ..thanks

  3. Quick update for everyone in that my withdrawal request for my funds back went into my bank account today so everyone else who has requested refunds and is waiting for their money should get refunded no problem.

  4. As soon as I got the email last night I logged on and initiated a withdrawal request of everything what was in there. It did state that there would be no problems on withdrawals so my opinion is that everything will be fine.

  5. I removed my funds. Better to be safe than sorry at this point in time. It has been a while since i used Smarkets, how are peoples experiences with them these days?

  6. i work in a casino , and i have regular " training " regarding gambling commission , money laundering etc, and i never seen a rule where the house in this case matchbook cant offer credit to customers , is like a casino offering credit to players to gamble on casino games . Thats nothing ilegal about that , but they do need to do their KYC , if they didnt , that is game over , but i dont believe they would be so stupid , to be such amounts is probably long time high roller customers or a high profile person so shouldnt be a problem.

  7. I was under the impression that BF have been facilitating similar whales in huge OTC trades that never hit the exchange platform for around twelve years at least. Industry reeks.

  8. It's such a shame how betfair exchange could easily dominate this market in this day and age. They don't even have to try. Such a shame we only got 1 decent exchange and millions of bookmakers all around the world meanwhile we all know the exchanges is were you can make money instead of all these bookmakers were winners always get banned…

  9. It reeks of money laundering and tax evasion. If matchbook was pushing enough volume they could match up the “customers” that needed to legitimize the funds, take a small commission percentage and then release the cleaner funds to all at completion.

    MB: I loan funds to each of you and then you both lose to each other. I’ll then issue you the “winnings” documentation.

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