Masked Bandits Rob Las Vegas Casino Of $47,000 | Cheating Vegas | Wonder

When one man discovers a way to beat the system, Vegas becomes his playground. From slot machine alone he steals millions with the authorities none the wiser, but when he pushes the limits and increases the risks, things take a turn for the worst.

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Cheating Vegas reveals a world we’ve heard of but have never really seen up close—behind the closed doors of Las Vegas casino security. Featuring hidden-camera videos, reenactments, and interviews with the top gaming investigators in the business, each episode will take viewers inside some of the most daring and elaborate scams in gaming history.

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35 thoughts on “Masked Bandits Rob Las Vegas Casino Of $47,000 | Cheating Vegas | Wonder”

  1. Even the restaurant rip-offs Manor show like overpriced in the casinos it's stupid you're making up for what they lose in taxes and then it got the nerve to take your money hamburger for twenty bucks and it ain't nothing special

  2. Casinos are the biggest thieves with all there little dirty tricks and smoke and mirrors games and tricks to get you to come ànd stay to long and little changes they make to the payout and odds and they are not even nice about it it's a seedy low life industry that we would all be better off without so whatever they get they got it committed by to them as I can assure you you will loose in the end to hell with those scumbags

  3. GREED🤑 is the root of all evil.
    He just couldn't get enough,but then it is amazing how lucky he was his hands were not smash with a hammer in some paisano'$ casino basement 😳

  4. Crazy how the 2 main individuals in the first story basically got off scotch free, while the black people got the hammer slammed down on em…..

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