Married Couple WINS BIG On Las Vegas Slot Machine!! 😍🎰

On today’s episode watch Pompsie and his wife Greta play a Jackpot Carnival slot machine in Las Vegas!

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27 thoughts on “Married Couple WINS BIG On Las Vegas Slot Machine!! 😍🎰”

  1. Hi Greta and pompsie I had to reboot my YouTube sorry 🙏 I've missed you both and with Jacob good luck 🤞 💕💋🎰💵🏜🍀👍🙋‍♀️ catching up

  2. Greta catches on quickly to comprehend what is needed in games (multipliers, how it works, etc) and Pompsie…let's just say he plays the clueless part admirably! 🙂
    Love them both but Greta is the brains of this outfit

  3. Yo Pompsie,
    as a little bit off-topic for this channel, but I miss your Vegas Blogs on the other channel. Sometimes I think, that your vlogging has been shut down 😞
    I.E. I saw on another twitter channel about the Mint 400 in LV and asked myself, if you'd vlog about it?
    Or the upcomming F1? Do you plan showing some of the changes that occur to Las Vegas?

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