Man loses 127,000 in five minutes gambling – problem gambling stories

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  2. Any addiction is terrible but if that gambler's loss of £127,000 was a whole month's income then surely his annual income of £1,514,000 would have given him savings and borrowing capability to allow him to recover? Or at least not to become homeless or resort to the politically created general need for foodbank use

  3. It's interesting you ask me how many drug addicts and alcoholics I know. It's very few. you ask me how many people who I reckon have a gambling problem that I know it's at least 10 to 15 Think it's also a lot worse in the younger generation. And it seems to be online slots that hooks a lot of people.

  4. matched bet is useful for the book ,they know what u do ,pinnacle even promoted it. they win enyway and money is therse not yours.

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