Live Casino Dealers Take Online Gambling Up a Notch | WSJ

A new type of online gambling called live dealing is taking off in the U.S. as some states relax gambling laws. WSJ’s Katherine Sayre visits Play Tech’s new broadcast studio in the Detroit suburbs, where dealers flip cards and spin roulette wheels for gamblers at home on their phones. Photo Illustration: Adele Morgan

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20 thoughts on “Live Casino Dealers Take Online Gambling Up a Notch | WSJ”

  1. This is disgusting. The ever increasing number of ads for online casino, sports betting and so on, is worrying. People are wagering money they can't afford to lose. Slowly but surely, we are going deeper and deeper into this rabit hole. Fortunes are being made thanks to reckless gambling.

  2. They don't flag you when you're lumping money on , they flag you when you're on a roll and taking money from them. I got up to $27,000 and I got kicked out . They did me a favour. I cashed in and cleared off . Do you honestly think they're bothered and concerned about what you're losing??

  3. Add the ability to invest in casinos through NFT’s such like Slotie, and SVCC takes gambling to an even greater magnitude. We also should include the fact that the Las Vegas Casino’s have also flooded.

  4. Have you heard the Ukrainians telling everyone that Putin wants to keep last year's grain from Mariupol to blackmail the whole world with sanctions? What, then, does India, which will not sell its grain to anyone this year, want? Actually, the reason for the grain and famine talk is simple. It's Ukraine blackmailing Europe with hunger. Ukraine needs us to go to war with Russia, to die, to suffer hardship.

  5. In recent years, online gambling, in which gambling activity is live streamed to phones and people can bet on phone apps directly from home, started to emerge mostly in some northeastern states of United States. Online gambling started to come into being when, in 2018, the Supreme Court agreed on a bill to eliminate ban on sports gambling across all states.

    An operate manager of a giant online gambling company told the journalist that they maintain high security in inside the live studio and keep the studio’s address a secret.

    The manager also told the journalist that online gambling websites must comply with regulations to cast some limits on gamblers, such as the maximum value they can bet and the frequency they participate in gambling.

    Coronavirus pandemic in the last 2 years boosted the online gambling business because the land-based casinos in Las Vegas were shut down and gamblers turned to online gambling websites.

    For some states, the online gambling business becomes a lucrative source of tax in the short term. But the question is: will it still be a positive factor in the long term?

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  8. Keep in mind, gambling is rigged to favour the dealer, player will lose. Play for fun, don't play with the intention of making money.

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