Learn How to Play Craps in 4 minutes

Learn How to Play Craps in 4 minutes. Learn to play Craps with Color Up. Craps is the most exciting casino game with the opportunity to win the big bucks at the casino.

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40 thoughts on “Learn How to Play Craps in 4 minutes”

  1. I have a strategy that I've been trying on a craps app and it start you off with $10,000 I've been betting $25 keep in mind this is not real money what the game is supposed to imitate real craps somewhat close and now I'm over 42,000. I only played field bets and this is how I do it. I put 25 down on the field if I win I keep the winnings and leave the 25. If I lose I double the next bet to $50 now if I win I keep the winnings and put 25 back down. If I lose I double the amount to $100 and I keep doing this until I win. I've gotten up to $3,200 and I won then I start back at $25 again. So basically as long as I lose I keep doubling the bet and when I win I just keep the winnings and leave 25. I started at $10,000 barely Diplo 10000 at the beginning and now I'm at 42,000 with no major losses. I would like some feedback on this strategy. Nothing is foolproof but I would like to know if anybody else has tried this strategy and what their results were

  2. Went to the hard rock casino and everything was full besides a craps machine. Never played sat down and was so confused. Person beside me helped me to start out and then I just kept rolling the dice and winning. Put 50 in walked out with 350 not knowing a clue of what I did lmao

  3. Guys do you want to see a hilarious video about the casino industry? Search Its Serious But Its Also Fun. Watch til the end to when you finally get the joke! It's fucking hilarious😂🤣

  4. I’ve been trying to learn this game by watching people the last couple of times I’ve gone to a casino. Everybody just looks like they’re having so much fun. I just don’t get how to bet. Everyone just throws their chips around like they know what they want. I typically just stick to blackjack because I consistently win on that and I know how to bet on it.

  5. I can't tell if the casinos invented this game to make money, or our prob and stats professors invented it to create conditional probability practice problems.

  6. Thank you, should have watched this before I played. Just was studying other people and still ended up $60+ after just 3 rounds with a $10 buy in 😂

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