Las Vegas Casino News – June 9, 2022

Matt and Steve Bourie from the American Casino Guide book interview Las Vegas Advisor newsletter publisher Anthony Curtis on June 9, 2022 for the latest news on changes in Las Vegas. Topics covered include: the reopening of The Palms; new casinos; the World Series of Poker; downgrade of casino game rules: buffet changes; parking fees; show prices; and much more

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48 thoughts on “Las Vegas Casino News – June 9, 2022”

  1. Let's show some love and support people; let's keep Vegas alive and kicking. Everytime I receive an offer I can't say no to from a Vegas casino, I try my best to support them. I love Vegas!

  2. Four Queens, a long time value in terms of food, lodging and gaming downgraded their bar top games and removed several other good games. There are now only 4 playable games in the casino. (9/6 JOB or better).

    The Palms is also a major disappointment. The 10/7 DB no longer gets points and they only have a handful of 9/6 JOB. Worse than that, the offer my wife received for some very heavy coin in as very weak and though we are local, it was only one offer for June-July.

    There simply is not any good news for video poker players in Vegas.

  3. Thank you for the date in your heading. I hate having to guess and then find out what I am watching is 2 months. We’ll be there 6/18. Been coming for 40 years. May be our last trip but hubby wants to loose his money I guess. We always use to buy your coupon book. Had fun bouncing around for all the deals.

  4. Visited Sunset Station twice and Boulder Station once during my visit last week. SS does have a $5 UTH table, BS only $10 tables. SS still had the Feast buffet sign and space up, giving me false hope it may reopen. BS has already converted buffet space to food court. We ate once at the Brass Fork at SS, we had Flo from Mel's diner as our waitress. $5 side salad was a joke, meal was ok, desert awful. No plans to ever eat at a Brass Fork ever again for $65 total bill (with tip) for 2 of us, with no alcohol.

  5. I did see a $10 craps table at the Mirage on Thursday night, other craps table was $15. Put $20 in $1 reel slot to see what would happen, 10 spins at max $2 bet, did not win one dollar. The volcano show which use to be about 10 minutes and entertaining, was an anticlimactic 4 minutes, and really not worth the rideshare drive there and back to downtown. Was not a fan of the "new and improved" Fremont street experience, rather go see a freak show.

  6. Let’s mention casinos still closed , people are still waiting for unemployment, a tycoon bought part of strip where people are losing their jobs an businesses because the tycoon is building a luxury casino an high rise hotel . If the governor would allow shuttles to return . Rents high , companies owners buying apartment complex an the tenants have to leave to find what . No more pro teams .
    People are barely making it an can’t afford rent no cap on prices rising .
    Soon no water or power. Vegas has gone to hell , sanctuary for illegals.
    So many living on the street because rents to high .
    All sisolack cares about is getting money in his pocket he doesn’t care about the employees or us citizens
    Most jobs here want vaccinated ,
    Don’t forget the new commissioner wants to close street in strip from flamingo to Tropicana
    Vote sisolack out of office he is destroying vegas .
    Buffett are not all back . Every time there’s an big event the city pushes the homeless back so no one sees we have an issue in Nevada a lot homeless working . The mayor made a law it’s illegal to be homeless
    Rent starts at 1400 plus , houses 2000 plus
    No one can afford to live here two to three jobs to pay rent .
    Wait till a pro baseball team buys the Tropicana casino to build another stadium
    More native tribes need to buy more casinos they donate to their tribe an community to everyone let’s get rid of the crap that moved here .

  7. I had to pause this video less than two minutes in because the information given is very much incorrect. Station Casinos is not," gung ho, full speed ahead." On the contrary Station Casinos just announced they will not be opening three of their large casinos Texas Station, Fiesta Rancho, and Fiesta Henderson, which have all been mothballed, for at least another year at the earliest and that is a fact.

  8. I highly recommend the Rise Restaurant at Tampa Hard Rock. From the toasted Muffin to just about any item you can pick. Seeing what others have ordered caused me to order the same. Its always a good snack place even if your just a little hungry.

  9. I am local in Central Florida and visit Tampa Hard Rock often. The predominant word of mouth is the slots are tight, more so than any other casino in Florida because of their location they don't have to compete for players. I am glad to hear their table games are kept to the standards of old not completely screwing everyone just because they can. Not many realize Tampa has done well cornering a huge amount of visitors both local and tourism on a daily basis. Ive been watching the Bourie's for a while on YouTube. I believe i was in the high roller room one afternoon when they were there but didn't realize who they were. I will be sure to say hi next time.

  10. Excellent interview. When the Hard Rock builds the guitar hotel it'll be an amazing sight if it's anything like Hollywood..I live 30 minutes from HR Hollywood. I continue to get offers from Cosmo and Venetian . 3 nights and a little free play. Hope to go in September. Last trip was May 2021 and airfare Ft. Lauderdale to Vegas was $340 RT for 2 on Jet Blue. I'm afraid to see what fares are now. .

  11. We’re headed out in July too. Our plane tickets were triple what they usually are. It didn’t stop us, but I imagine it will stop other people from going. Hope to see you in the high limits room at the Cosmo, Matt!

  12. Many casino bosses used buffets as a way to give away free meals to high spending gamblers, but that's been limited since 2021 because buffets are viewed as a big expense (food costs/dishwashing machines/staffing) that doesn't provide the return on investment it used to. They also used to subsidize the prices in their casual restaurants to make it affordable, gamblers would feel like they were getting a good deal, not anymore. Seems like the strip hotels want upper income customers from California, the northeastern U.S., Europe.

  13. I was in Vegas the last week of may. The strip was busy. Basically looked like normal. Not many deals to be had, prices going up. Table limits on the strip were crazy high. Main floor baccarat at Luxor on Tuesday afternoon was $100 minimum. In the past I always found cheaper table limits at harrahs. No so much this time. Pretty much everything was at least $25 minimum. You guys are right about 000, and 6:5. All over the strip. BJ is pretty much uncountable on the strip.

  14. I'm still getting a fair shake in Downtown Vegas. I usually stay at four queens and play mostly downtown. I do like to scoot over to the Southpoint for their buffet and 9/6 Bonus Deluxe poker. Thanks for the update I'm going to Vegas in 2.5 weeks.

  15. At the Lincoln Center in NYC, I saw an opera there. Rigoletto. I had bought cheap tickets that were basically the very very top tier in a standing section, very far from the stage. But when I tried to claim the ticket at the box office, there was an issue and they instead gave me a floor seat, maybe 30-40 rows deep. I was so close to the show without having to spend $1000 for a ticket. Anyway, my point is they had the Italian opera translated into English for me on a screen in front of me. It was one of the best concert experiences. Oh, it was also a Las Vegas themed version of Rigoletto. A terrible tragedy of an opera, but an amazing show. I hope to one day see a show at the MSG sphere!

  16. I’ll stick to my locals casinos in CA plenty of comped meals , hotel rooms without the resort fees so a comped room is really free , no parking fees , some free slot play , and match play for the tables. Why go to Las Vegas…

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