Koil on CB vs CG Casino Drama | NoPixel 3.0

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40 thoughts on “Koil on CB vs CG Casino Drama | NoPixel 3.0”

  1. Is he dumb they literally had their radio channel and heard u cg talk about blowing power out while staying in 503 I wish someone sensible just buys the server of from him

  2. Well I never watched Chang Gang but from what I watched within only a day salty …. describes them very well.

    I dislike XQC very much. He is the definition of an abusive person and he has multiple issues he needs to resolve. He is badly addicted to a lot of the stuff he does online. I feel like he most likely is a cool person outside of the virtual world and that is what still makes all the other Twitch streamers speak so highly of him. But from what I neutrally see when I turn into his stream is him literally insulting and bullying people left, right and center. Like during the Casino Ray lost half his viewers and was insulted by XQC and his viewers all the time and he was on his team. I don't want to know what he and his community do to people not on his side.

    On the other hand I saw Chang Gang do the Casino because I was interested in the Casino content. Then what happened is they insta catched up with all the progress Clean Bois have and adopted all their ideas without thinking about them. So guess what they got stuck in the same place Clean Bois are what a suprise. They then saw an open window in the Offices and you know what they did after not roleplaying in any shape or form the entire time literally saying hey man I have to go afk inbetween? They roleplay: Hey can you help me up through that open window? They then use an exploit to glitch through the wall and hide the screen to search the said room to then glitch back out again. Like excuse me what? Never have I seen more immersion breaking boring tryhard gameplay. Literally using glitches to explore and then not even showing what you might find. At that point I stopped watching 'cause they clearly don't have any interest in me watching anyways if they hide what they are doing.

  3. "recently there is not as much drama as back then"

    CG literally blatantly metagaming by catching up 3 days of progress in 1 hour. Sure dude.

  4. CB and CG can role-play. Xqc can't lol it's literally just some spoilt kid playing GTA upset he's not in the position CB and CG are in LS.

  5. weird he did not say a thing about CG meta gaming the entire heist in less than an hour. it doesn't matter. ur streamers r gonna stop progressing if X & CB went to jail. They literally stopped where X last stopped (the magnet point) in less than an hour on their first try and came with all the right tools and NV while X & CB spent 3 days & 2+ million dollars. so why r u so salty and defend cops giving X & CB subpoena on bs trespassing? lol

  6. Koil said cg metagaming is ok and allowed because hes owner taco a cg member said the owner should be able to metagame. Just stating the facts that are out there.

  7. Buddha was permabanned for metagaming in 2.0, trainwrecks was permabanned in 3.0 for metagaming, but CG/ramee meta games at least the door location and he has a excuse for and it won't be punishment for it! Lol

  8. Does this guy have the memory of a gold fish or what ?? Did he forget that Cg were banned for at least 4 time since the start of 3.0 for being salty and toxic OOC ?? 😂

  9. Bruh just ban CG and CB all and I wanna see HOA completing the heist. as a viewer I'm done with drama and just want to see this shit done onces in for all.

  10. It’s X that wants to fuck CG over, people always talk like it’s all of CB that want to fuck everything up but it’s only X snitching out the heist

  11. The only reason Micky went to alert the cops yesterday was because they thought Marty and Ray who were stuck in the tunnel and utility room would’ve have been shot and killed.
    Also because of past history there’s no way for them all not to be paranoid about a gang who’s shot and ocean dump them many times, to not do it again. So when y’all say they are willing to snitch the heist out just remember they were trying to protect the boys

  12. Ok as a CB and cg fan everyone knows cg meta'd and you can see it by how they already caught up in like a hour and because I'm watching Ramee and Randy and every second person in their chat is giving them meta information but that's it their chat are 10 year old that can't deal with the fact that they're behind personal think then people should be banned from your chat but idk so I think they meta'd 1000000000000000 percent but I don't think they deserve all the hater getting for doing it because at the end of the day if everyone knows including them what's the point of the hate you would think the people would think of it more like they needed it idk the threats and shit is way to far

  13. People don’t like how CG got the unlock then put them on themselves to unlock HOA while CB/ X struggled, then K gave the boys an unlock enough to catch them up. It’s the untraditional way of solving the puzzle, people will ALWAYS accuse CG of meta, because they have been banned and suspended so many times for it. so like they say once a crook always a crook.

  14. if those toxic 3.0 viewers would watch 2.0 they would probably burn down their pc/phone and their head would explode cuz of so much drama there was KEKW

  15. All Koil's takes are biased because HE IS CG. He rarely holds an objective perspective if his ass is on the line. Also, he rarely admits his faults. It's always someone else's fault 100% of the time.

  16. Koil is right. One thing that comes to mind is that every member of CG talks about how they are trying to improve and be more positive. To avoid drama. It's kind of obvious that they have. But especially cb/x fans constantly bring up their past like it excuses the toxicity. Meanwhile if you bring up langs past its always about how people should be allowed to change and he has changed etc. Just another one of the numerous hypocrisies.

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