James O'Brien vs FOBTs, the IEA and gambling addiction

James O’Brien 17 May 2018

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My other YouTube channels search for: “Still Incorrigible” & “Incorrigible Forever”

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5 thoughts on “James O'Brien vs FOBTs, the IEA and gambling addiction”

  1. "Straight white men" is not a racist statement. Apparently. Hail the higher standards of LBC's O'brien. SOROS oblivates your position, he who has funded your comfort with that statement

  2. This airhead also doesn't mention that over-the-counter neurofen and ibuprofen are potentially lethal to asthmatics. I could call him a pharma-bitch as much as he calls his callers morons. Call someone angry instead of listening to them. New world. Addiction has been encouraged in this country for years and this tool is oblivious.

  3. The responsible govt he talks about is the one that encourages gambling through the national lottery and stiffles free speech. Like he does.

  4. 3:35 – Talk about an unwillingness to engage with opposing views. Doesn't he realize that mentality leads to a slippery slope. More importantly it shows a lack of confidence in people which is why he has the views he does.

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