If you lose at this Roulette System Quit Gambling

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44 thoughts on “If you lose at this Roulette System Quit Gambling”

  1. I dont know anything about the foods you mentioned but Im going to Pechanga Indian Casino right now to try this!! THANKS ALEX! Hopefully my wife isnt woken up by the garage door 🫠

  2. You could easily do this with $600, and be able to do it twice, start at $50, 5x to $250 – cash out when you're up $200. I like the principle of anything that is that unlikely to lose twice in a row though. But knowing my luck it would happen 😀

  3. OK I don’t understand. He is making three bets, he is making $100 bet a $200 bet and also another $200 bet… he is winning the hundred dollar bet and claiming that he’s up 1000 but isn’t he losing $400 each spin also? How is this a good system?

  4. Not sure why your nervous on the first spin. It's the 5x Martingale that should make you nervous. Truth be told, if you can afford to play with $3000, your not likely nervous at all.

  5. QUESTION: The street bets are only street bets and do not include the dozen the chip is also on as the line (street) is on that dozen. That is my question. Is the dozen the street bet is on included in the bet? Please let me know. Thanks.

  6. this goes well when the right numbers come in which also happens in this movie. what if there is no fall a few times then you are doubly bad off with this system. means that you have to double the 2 bets on the dozen or continue in the same way with the hope that you can recover losses. the problem is that you want to cover yourself too much with bets and that costs more.

  7. Great system, thanks for sharing. Man, I miss Timmy. What a shame he left. His replacement is like listening to nails on a chalkboard.

  8. I played this system while ago, came in with 5k bankroll, win 5 times in a row, which put me in 500 up , then next spin loses all, so again, 5 wins in a row, next spin loses all, ""really?!twice the same thing"". I looked at the guy spinning that wheel, he just turn his head left right and I just walk away even. Some places just give a sweet taste before starting ripping you off. Good Luck everyone!! Play for fun. 🍻

  9. This system is basically the same as pick a dozen 1st or 3rd play 200 on it and pick and play 1 18 or 19 36. And play 300

    From 13 to 18 you not gonna lose or from 19 to 24.

    But this is a big risk bet. To play 5 units to only win 1 in profit.

    I wouldn't recommend this to play.

    If you do this system on the video or the one I'm talking about. And x5 martingale you down 3000 in 2 spins and like David said you risking a 3000 bankroll for only a 100 is not worth it.

    Then it would be better to risk the 500 on this way.

    Play the same way pick 2 dozens with 200 and the 3rd dozen play the dozen with the 100 if you're unlucky to hit the dozen with the 100 on you only lose 200. Instead of losing everything if you pick the wrong street. On this way you can atleast try and recover with a smaller bankroll.
    Just my opinion if you may play this system but I wouldn't recommend any of this.

    It's a way of making a few bucks easy but the risk can be on your side trying to make a few bucks easy.

  10. I would modify this by sitting out every other spin and then bet against the double street that won that way you are technically betting against it hitting three times in a row instead of two. And of course only play on a single zero wheel.

  11. As per my 3 years of experience in gambling. I would like to tell you there is no strategy or system that will make you win every bet. Putting this much money into single bet and winning huge looks very easy but just imagine if you loose 2 bets what your bankroll would be. I myself have tried also every system available over internet but in long run they will always led to huge loss over all. By far now i have understood gambling is not fun it’s an art which you can master with time and patience. No will in this world can give you any system or strategies which will be printing money. It’s just you who can do that.

    For 2 years i was in huge loss of almost 7,000,00 INR but later it gave me good lesson and helped me improving my skills. Now I don’t follow any system or strategies infact i make my own decision depending on the situation or table. It’s you can also that and trust me you won’t regret that. All you need is Analysis, Patience, Skills and most important money management. I have set my daily targets and withdrawal targets which once achieved i am done for the day. Now i am playing only 15-20 bets in a day and making around 5,000 INR in a day which mean 5 * 30 = 1,50,000 INR in a month by spending only 1-2 hour. Ofcourse i also loose some bets but by end of the day what matters is “you should be in profit”.

    Pro Tip –

    – Do the money management and set your stop loss and daily targets.

    – Never play to recover your loss it’s a trap. You’ll end up loosing more.

    – Never play with loan/borrowed money. You’ll regret it.

  12. 💥 my best hit and most risky so far is just a 20 dollar straight bet on 3. I had just hit it with 10 and decided to double up. It was one of my favorite dealers. That was a 200 buy in and i walked with 1800 in 45 minutes. 👍🤠

  13. The risky things i played is 100 on 2 dozens and after loss 300 on 2 dozens and after that loss 1000 on 2 dozens. Works great to dig yourself out of a hole,i did it many times but when i lost 3 spins in a row doing this i lost 2800 euro in 2 minutes and made my hole a lot deeper and the problem is that i can not tripple my bet after the 2 times 1000 bet because of the tablelimits so than i was fucked.

  14. Can you guy show the math please?
    8 numbers uncovered/ 38 =22% chance of failure,
    And your risking 5 to get paid 1, so a 20% profit margin vs a 22% fail chance

  15. Not a bad strategy, won 25 streaks without any losses. But must always remember to control if you don’t feel the win is coming

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