I ADDED *MORE* CASINO GAMES in Camp Minecraft!

I ADDED *MORE* CASINO GAMES in Camp Minecraft!

Welcome to CAMP MINECRAFT… an SMP (survival multiplayer) server where the boys and I ATTEMPT to play survival minecraft. These videos will be compilations of funny moments, building things and completing tasks as a group, I hope you all enjoy!

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41 thoughts on “I ADDED *MORE* CASINO GAMES in Camp Minecraft!”

  1. Henwy I have an idea for u and the casino if you make a Raid farm , you can get emerald ,so when people go to casino they can trade diamond for emerald ( emerald = casino money ) and may be one diamond for 5 emerald( your choice) so you can get a little profite from it. 🙂

  2. Can you please look into my Casino Game, War: The Card Game? Do the 21 board game and the WAR board by having an Artificial Intelligence (COMMAND BLOCK) choose Diamond block (Best) Emerald (2nd) Iron (3rd) Gold (4th) Redstone (5th) Lapis (6th) Lottery Ticket (Special) Trident (WAR!) Coal (Game OVER!) and more! From MasterGG (Me!)

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