How To Play Casino Games – Slots, Blackjack and Roulette

In this video you will learn exactly how to play the three most popular casino games – slots, blackjack and roulette. It is well worth learning these games there is plenty of profit from risk free and low risk casino offers. This profit will complement your sports matched betting profit very nicely. Specifically you will learn:

– How to play Slots (10 mins)
– How to play Blackjack (7 mins)
– How to play Roulette (4 mins)

There are plenty of tips in this video so it’s well worth watching.


1) How To Play Casino Games

Text guide for this video should you find a text version helpful too.

2) Blackjack Perfect Strategy

How to play the perfect strategy for Blackjack include a chart guide showing the best play for every hand.

3) Risk Free Casino Offers

A guide detailing how to approach and where to find risk free casino offers. Easy profit here!

4) Low Risk Casino Offers

In this guide you’ll see exactly how to tackle low risk offers to make a profit over the long term.

5) Week In The Life Of Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison has made over £500 profit every week for the past few months by following a disciplined low risk casino offer approach. Chris details his typical week in this guide.


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  1. Great video. The casino part has really helped me. Regarding ongoing profit do you just wait for offers to come through from the casino's & go in for the offers or do you stake your own money on high RTP games?

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