How to design online casino games gambling website

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How to design online casino games gambling website

This step by step video will show you How to create online casino website || Create a betting website || How to Make a gambling website

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This software was developed with laravel this software will help you build a platform that enables a great opportunity to start your own Online Prediction, Casino & Guessing Website. There were an estimated 2.8 billion Predictors across the globe and approximately 2,800 sites are active online and offering several activities.

Features of the website
Build your Prediction Website that handles unlimited users, winners, draws, transactions, able to accept payment via cards, cryptos, and mobile money. the ready-to-go solution, it takes only a few minutes to set up your website.

👉 Admin Features include:

▫️ Manage Referral.
▫️ Manage Games.
▫️ Manage Game Log.
▫️ Manage Users.
▫️ Manage Payment Gateways.
▫️ Manage Deposits.
▫️ Manage Withdrawals.
▫️ Manage Support Ticket.
▫️ Manage Report.
▫️ Manage Subscribers.
▫️ General Setting.
▫️ Manage Logo & Favicon.
▫️ Manage Extensions.
▫️ Manage Language.
▫️ SEO Manager.
▫️ Email Manager.
▫️ SMS Manager.
▫️ Manage Templates.
▫️ Manage Pages.
▫️ Manage Section.
▫️ Manage Blog Section.
▫️ Manage Contact Us.
▫️ Manage Extra Pages.
▫️ Manage FAQ Section.
▫️ Manage Game Section.
▫️ Manage Testimonial.
▫️ Manage GDPR Cookie.
▫️ Manage Custom CSS.

👉 User Dashboard Features include:

▫️ Premium Dark User dashboard.
▫️ 20+ Automated Payment Gateway.
▫️ Unlimited Manual Payment Gateway.
▫️ Unlimited Manual Withdrawal Methods.
▫️ Deposit & Withdraw Logs.
▫️ Multi-level referal system.
▫️ Play Number Predictor.
▫️ Game Logs.
▫️ Commission Logs.
▫️ Transaction Logs.
▫️ Live Support Desk.
▫️ Profile Settings.
▫️ 2FA Security.
▫️ Email Notification & Verification.
▫️ SMS Notification & Verification.
▫️ GDPR Policy.
▫️ Livechat, Security Captcha Included.
▫️ Comes with Multi language Features.
▫️ Privacy & TOS.

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