How the UK Got Hooked on Online Gambling

The UK is the world’s biggest regulated online gambling market, with British players having lost more than £14 billion on online casino games, sports betting, and other forms of gambling over four of the past five years. Gavin Finch has more on the impact on online gambling in the UK in today’s “Big Take” on Bloomberg Television.

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6 thoughts on “How the UK Got Hooked on Online Gambling”

  1. Tony Blair was bribed by the gambling industry to relax the gambling laws in the U.K. The industry knew that it was the wedge in the door that they could exploit. Couple this with all the so called “stars” that appear in the adverts ( money grasping bastards) and it is small wonder that we have a serious gambling problem in the U.K.

  2. UK folks get hooked on onlined gamblings as much as americans get hooked on ukraine war, about 8k miles away from them. It seems americans cheer on ukraine war deaths, and suffers as joe biden fascinates himself with the destruction in european continent. Macron and Prince Willie have to come to US to make sense to dead-old joe…. But, a proverb says, the old dog won't learn anything from its youngsters.

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