How Big Will US Online Gambling Grow?

📺 Our news this week finds record-breaking revenue for the US gambling industry, and more and more of that revenue is coming from online casinos! Which states are regulating internet casinos, sports betting and poker? And how big will the online gambling industry grow in America?


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▪️ 00:00 – Welcome to This Week in Gambling
▪️ 00:44 – US Gambling Brings in $5 Billion
▪️ 01:09 – The Growth of US Sports Betting
▪️ 02:20 – Which States Regulate Online Gambling?
▪️ 02:42 – Which States Regulate Online Poker?
▪️ 03:09 – How Big Will US Online Gambling Get?
▪️ 04:19 – Tiki Adventure Slot Machine Review
▪️ 05:02 – A Tall Girl with Big Boots
▪️ 05:24 – End Tag

US Online Gambling Growth:
The latest study on online gambling and online casinos has been published by Data Bridge Market Research, looking at the growing demand, future trends, and market size. That study serves as a great market research and analysis tool, compiled with advanced techniques, and analyses and identifies emerging trends, as well as challenges and opportunities, in the market.

The increasing popularity of global betting means a continued growth for online casino gambling. As such, the global market is expected to benefit from a growth rate of nearly 14% from now through 2028, with the entire market reaching close to $145 billion annually by that time. The continued adoption of smartphones, easy accessibility of online casino gaming platforms, and the increasing reach of the internet will also accelerate online gambling market growth. Add to this the lowering costs associated with mobile phones and applications, as well as digital payment options, will also benefit the market.

Another report about the online sports betting market globally was also published recently, with some interesting insights about what we can expect over the next several years both globally and here for US sports betting and online gambling. Compiled by the UnivDatos Markets Insights group, they have determined an average annual growth rate of more than 10% from now through the year 2027. This is, of course, barring any unforeseen events. Their analysis was broken down into types of games that players bet on, such as Football, Basketball, Hockey, and such.

The growing number of online sports betting events is in part due to growing bettor interest, a growing number of sports enthusiasts, sports sponsorship, and of course the emergence of new markets, like the US online gambling market. Sponsorship have been increasing for the last several years.Then there is the growth of sporting events available online, as gamblers now have greater access to online sports betting platforms.

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