GTA Online Ultimate Casino Guide Slots, Blackjack, Three Card Poker, Roulette, Horse Betting

This is a guide on all the gambling games in the casino and how to play them. I also provide tips on what I feel are the best strategies and how to avoid losing.
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26 thoughts on “GTA Online Ultimate Casino Guide Slots, Blackjack, Three Card Poker, Roulette, Horse Betting”

  1. I hope this helps everyone out for questions they may have had on the gambling games and how to play them. I am aware that many people in different countries cannot play. I am also going to talk about this and my thoughts on it. I am sorry for that small repeat during the blackjack section. It was an editing mistake.

  2. I legitimately "made"(up to $12m I mostly just bought 50k – going for full safe) ~$20m in chips the last 2 weeks being extremely lucky on Diamond Miner slot-machine(three 500x wins and 1 Jackpot 1000x win and many lesser three-in-a-row wins). Like said in the video its completely random and to actually go + like I did on slot-machine is very rare.

    The game I made most profit on – by far – is the high bet Poker-tables down in the Casino. I tried every game and personally don't recommend Blackjack, Horses or Roulette purely from my own experience tho – I never went plus on them, in the end.

  3. It's 2021. And I want to at least try to get a jackpot on slots.

    I have 1M chips, and I'm willing to finish it all.

    But I've seen a pattern, if you waste like 200k – 300K of your money, eventually you'll get back what you have invested on. Literally spamming spin button. So yeah, u wont get 2.5m

  4. Actually roulette in real life is almost purely chance but in the game it is both more complicated and simpler at the same time. You can press R1 to bring up the history which tells where the ball landed before. It almost never lands on the same number twice so look at the trend/pattern it takes and bet with it. This can be used in conjunction with other real life methods to better your chances of winning. Also if you pay attention and don’t play it all the time you can watch where the ball lands in relation to where the dealer serves it and use that as well. But if you use it too much it upsets the natural game patterns and at one point it just kept landing on reds, going against all logic of chance.

  5. Online gambling casinos are evil and for suckers. They are unregulated and the games can be simply fixed to increase the house advantage. Blackjack is a good example. The more 10 cards they remove from the decks the more the house advantage increases.  Additionally, these videos depict players with casino compted or fake money. The players get to keep a small portion of the compted maney as compensation for advertising the casino. They also get a revenue stream from each click on their casino link that signs-up a new sucker. The bottom line is that online casinos are scams

  6. I haven’t played in years Maybe I’m soo confused I was good before 😂but came back was lost they changed a lot I got owned by other players too which never happened I’m confused

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