GTA Online Over 50 Countries Locked Out Of Casino Games, Most Controversial Update?

Me talking about the huge controversy with the casino being locked in many countries around the world. This essentially is an update where people cannot play it.
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44 thoughts on “GTA Online Over 50 Countries Locked Out Of Casino Games, Most Controversial Update?”

  1. This is kind of ridiculous. I was always saying that if they add a casino update it will be very controversial on its implementation and look at this now so many people cant play it. That’s most of the update. They cant enjoy it. What do you guys think? Do you live in an area where you cant play?

  2. No, it’s actually Utah not North Carolina

    Btw, this DLC sucks, I can’t even do anything in the casino, just watching other players playing. I was so sad standing there for minutes

    Edit: I don’t blame the government but Rockstar is the main reason and they should let players to spin the wheel, play poker, blackjack, horse betting not just staring at other players playing

  3. I'm from Perú and to be hones i dont know why it's banned. Come on if mexico is alowed why in other latinos countries have to be different. Here there is a lot of casinos in real life like the majestic or the atlantic city and I was searching if theres a law against it and i found nothing. Even Colombia is even to play it and it's just in the north of my fkin country ahhhhtdhdhwtgshhhh :S

  4. Im from South Africa and i was super pissed when i got the casino update and i couldn't play a poker game with my bud in America so i really wish rockstar would atleast try your idea

  5. Professional i am american but i live in the bahamas and so much friends who play gta and they have friends who play gta and most them are bahamains and move america to play the casino games next year i moving to america i will feel sorry for them i mean they can on vaction right but can't live there. When the casino dlc first came i could have gamble a few weeks later i can't play no more and thats dumb we plenty of casinos in the bahamas this very dumb rockstar

  6. I’m lucky that I live in iran because people just find ways to counter it

    I’m unlucky because the only way to counter it requires a pc and I don’t have it

  7. In my country I can t gamble in the casino. I'm from Portugal. Funny how I m allowed to kill, sell drugs and steal cars in this game but I can t fucking gamble. Even though it is not real money…

  8. in Bosnia And Herzegovina there are casinos and such gambling places everywhere.In my small town there are at least 3 gambling places and also i can play poker and such in red dead redemption 2 i just dont know if i can play in red dead online poker and blackjack

  9. Gambling is not just money. It can be items as well. Or in this case, earned value items of in-game money with a real world value that you can gamble away and loose or win on. This is litterly gambling. You are sitting on a 3 poker table trading chips and can play a litteral one armed bandit as well.

  10. Yesterday when i was trying to complete an objective that says "spin the lucky wheel" and i can't play these games because i live in oman

    This is so stupid it's just a virtual currency

  11. I think rockstar made the right decision. Most countries that are banned are Muslim country’s. It is against Islam’s religion to bet and if ppl started betting in games they might start doing it in real life and that is a sin against Islam. Well done Rockstar👍🏼

  12. Jamaica has banned the Casino as well. I spent over 5 million on my Penthouse and I could not access anything on the Casino floor but I can play the mini games.

  13. I don’t understand why it’s illegal to gamble in some countries. People should have enough self control to know their limits. If not, then that’s their own problem

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