Girl Fell in a World That is HELL For Humans And There is No Way Out

A young woman travels through a magic mirror to find his lost boyfriend and ends up caught in a kidnapping conspiracy that may include her missing father.

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30 thoughts on “Girl Fell in a World That is HELL For Humans And There is No Way Out”

  1. Alice in wonderland=Blue Print for MK Ultra.
    The oysters are real children of this world.
    Adrenochrome=the tea created from peoples emotion (cyclicic), (in real life it is called adrenochrome) drawn from scaring children through extreme abuse (use your imagination, i threw up because the stories are real).
    All the characters embody experiences of real people (a break from reality).
    The war to set the characters free is an inescapable illusion to drive hope in the abused children thus continuing to draw more andrechrome from them.
    Alice in wonderland is a real life horror story that noone is aware of.
    There are sick people in the world & many notable participate in the ritual.

  2. A completely new rendition of the classic "ALICE" storyline for me, as well. I am looking for where I can watch it now…orba cheap DVD 📀 for the archives. 😉 – Paz ✌🏽🕊🖖🏽 ♏☮️☯️ 😎☀️🌻🐞🍀🦂🤞🏽

  3. I'm in the middle of the recap and I haven't seen this show. even though I've seen a number of Alice in Wonderland shows and series. I have been trying to figure out where I can stream this miniseries from. Does anyone know where I can actually stream it from? This looks like a good show that I want to watch the entire show.

  4. I don’t know how I’ve never known of this.

    I’m definitely going to find it now, this looks like the most epic version of Alice through the looking glass ever.

    You can’t go wrong with Matt frewer either 🙂

    Whether he’s a knight, a high strung dad, a post apocalyptic news reporter / AI personality (with insomnia // paranomia at times), or a cursed god who must spend the rest of his eternity as a book ..excuse me, THE BOOK, he’s effing amazing.

    Definitely gotta Check this out

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