Gambling with Lives – Families bereaved by gambling-related suicide (long) | July 2019

Gambling with Lives, the charity founded by families bereaved by gambling-related suicide to raise awareness of the serious health risks of gambling addiction, speak about their experiences for the first time in this hard-hitting film.

Gambling with Lives believes that there has to be a public health approach to preventing gambling harms with tougher regulation on safety testing and the availability of some gambling products, major changes to the appalling marketing and targeting practices of the industry, strict enforcement of affordability rules, ending underage gambling and proper treatment commissioned through the NHS.

3 thoughts on “Gambling with Lives – Families bereaved by gambling-related suicide (long) | July 2019”

  1. They talk about big tech firms being fined and directors imprisioned for failing to protect children from dangerous content – and yet here we are – gambling is everywhere, on the phones which are put in front of kids, etc.

    It's like a drug market and the product is legal.

    Keep this channel going. This is important.

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