Gambling: Should the industry give funds to support NHS addiction services?

Should the Gambling industry give funds to addictions support services?

‘Can we not go to the root of the problem rather than just medicalising it, talking about dependency and being addicted to the metaphor of addiction.’

James Woudhuysen reacts to the NHS cutting gambling industry funds from addiction clinics.

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23 thoughts on “Gambling: Should the industry give funds to support NHS addiction services?”

  1. Ruining people's lives and no government will do anything about it. If a publican was following alcoholics around 24/7 they would be stopped quick enough, but these parasitic gambling sites are in vulnerable people's pockets 24hrs a day and that's ok

  2. In the same way that credit providers are required by law to assess someone's affordability and credibility before lending them money, I think gambling houses should be legally compelled to do the same. Gambling houses should be held financially accountable if they encourage people to gamble who haven't demonstrated they can afford it and have good credit. Gambling would be the preserve of the financially responsible. A simple and elegant solution that is highly unlikely to be implemented due to the large sums of money involved around lobbying between gambling houses and law-makers.

  3. No bookie or casino has ever gone into the streets and dragged people into their establishments. Is personal responsibility no longer a thing?

  4. Why does the NHS need to service thick people. NHS is for ill people.
    If they want to give their money away that's their money .free country.

  5. I think addicts should be ignored and blocked from using the NHS, and shunned by society in general.
    After all, it’s a choice to take drugs, and choices have consequences – just like choosing not to have an experimental substance injected into your body.

  6. Why should it ? Don't no one have any self control anymore! Tell you what let's charge bridge builder's cos people keep jumping of them , Muppets.

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