Gambling News: Wynners & Losers

There’s a lot of gambling news coming out of Las Vegas this week. Wynn Resorts is expanding via sports betting (0:46), but the big news involves the Nevada Gaming Control Board and casino mogul Steve Wynn (1:04)! Plus, more Strip casinos have been sold (2:03). We’re also covering stories from Google (3:31), MGM Resorts and Taco Bell (4:55)! Links to gambling news stories, games reviews and special offers below.

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💜 Nevada regulators seek to ban Steve Wynn
Nevada gaming regulators are moving to have Steve Wynn, founder and former CEO of Wynn Resorts and accused of committing serial sexual misconduct against his employees, formally declared unsuitable to hold a state gaming license.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board is also asking the Nevada Gaming Commission to impose a monetary fine on Wynn for each of the five counts laid out in the complaint, including his refusal to appear in person at an investigatory hearing that was scheduled in September. In Nevada’s two-tier casino regulation system, the commission has “full and absolute power” to revoke any finding that a person is suitable to hold a casino license in the state.

According to the complaint, Wynn’s attorneys said that he would not appear in person for the hearing, stating that he was no longer a “bona-fide licensee” and that because he had hired attorneys to pursue defamation lawsuits related to the unwelcome sexual conduct claims, Wynn “cannot be reasonably expected to waive any of his privileges except at the appropriate time and in the appropriate judicial forum.”

In its complaint, the board wrote that Wynn’s refusal to appear at the September hearing “hindered” the board’s ability to perform its duty and deprived them of “material information and testimony required to conduct a thorough and complete investigation.”

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