Gambling adverts: Should more action be taken? | Carolyn Harris and Christopher Snowdon react

‘Sponsorship and advertising doesn’t just help the companies, it helps the sport.’

‘People are spending more than they can afford and their lives are being put at risk.’

Christopher Snowdon and Carolyn Harris discuss whether tougher action is needed against the betting industry.

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6 thoughts on “Gambling adverts: Should more action be taken? | Carolyn Harris and Christopher Snowdon react”

  1. Antony Charles Lynton Blair deregulated the gambling industry and caused untold damage to families across the land.
    Many of the current ills in Britain can be traced back to him…. Interesting that its a 'labour' mp who wishes to undo the damage.

  2. No. Why should action be taken against gambling firms because people can't control themselves, and end up gambling their life savings away? It's incumbent upon the gambling addict to look after himself; not the gambling firm.

  3. I'm getting sick of seeing them, every other advert is either for gambling or so-called charities scrounging for money. I've seen one charity asking for £30 when people are struggling in our own country.

  4. I was watching Tipping Point yesterday which is on between 4pm and 5pm…during one of the ad breaks there was an advert for Bingo…at the end came the usual "gamble responsibly " warning…is Bingo not recognised as a dangerous form of gambling…the advert being shown so early?….

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