Gambling Addiction

Gambling addictions can be very easy to fall into and something that starts out as light entertainment can quickly develop into an addiction. Watch this video to find out a way of seeing if you do have a problem and what to do if you do.

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1 thought on “Gambling Addiction”

  1. My friend introduced me to OrionStars, online gambling app. He simply wanted to me to register, so that he could get a promo bonus. I had $20 to start, went to $400, it slipped down to $300, and I cashed out. I didn't care to spend any more on it, but it was fun so I started thinking of a way I could play, but not pay. Not too long after I discovered there was a pattern to the way Usernames/Passwords we created, and it worked.
    I shamelessly played through a couple thousand dollars in about a month, money that wasn't mine.
    My friend called me out on how wrong what I was doing was, I agreed then stop.
    It was too late though, because for the last 4-5 months, I've gambled everything I have. Daily…

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