50 thoughts on “*GAMBLING ADDICTION** don’t be this guy”

  1. This is a positive. Hes not gambling and no one else can gamble while he's sitting there. He's basically the hero. On the other hand is karen, the one who gambled away her pension fund then complainined about a man who didn't as some sort of projected cope

  2. U clearly don’t go to much casinos , there’s always people sleeping , probably from these 2 things it’s called it being very late and maybe to much alcohol , people like you suck

  3. Huhuhuhuhu he broke no money for hotel sleep in the car if he has a car or take the train back to home long way that what I do st.paul pass mall of America to mystic lake

  4. Ohh you're sooo cool for making fun of someone with a serious, uncontrollable addiction! You're seriously the best. You would be such a good friend. s/

  5. I call this guy “Mr. Gamble” because he’s sitting at that slot machine every hour every day, and unknowingly losing his money and his life while he’s at it. He gambles every hour until casino security tells him “it’s time to leave because the casino is about to close”.

  6. You know you’re wrong for that, wonder if you would like it if someone would have done that to you mind ur own business don’t be roasting people on the internet like that u sad pathetic jerk

  7. Maybe he just had a long drive and was tired and dozed off who are you to say he's an addict what I find worse is some creeper filming random ppl sleeping maybe you should get help

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