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  1. Destroy the bookies and casinos in fact burn these life destroying obsessive machines . That’s why gambling is prohibited in Islam as well as alcohol and drugs , and we muslims are bad when government in western countries issue these premises licences to operate and destroy communities in Britain specifically, there’s millions of bookies nationwide . What a joke country , why don’t they legalise drugs aswell as drugs have a limit and bookies don’t .

  2. Hopefully this will stop people from a gambling addiction:

    You're a fucking mug you weak piece of shit for letting the casinos smile and win over you're shitty little addiction. Wake the fuck up before you lose everything and sink into depression and want to commit suicide. I don't care if you have cut down on gambling, you better quit 100% after reading this or you're going to get truly fucked over and I mean that. In the long run casinos ALWAYS win and that's why it's a multi-billion dollar industry that keeps growing!

  3.  I like the way the gambling spokesman for the guy on radio 5 represnting the goverment on enquiries into gambling problems said when asked if he was paid by the industry said his family are bookies.  He also said that 1% are problem gamblers, recent stats suggest about 3% and rising,  so he was inaccurate there.    2% on betfair are winning,   It's not much.  And it's not same 2% at any one time.   I heard that women was wined and dined by betting industry,  she agreed to have casino's in Blackpool,  etc, and they agreed to allow advertising and stuff.   I read a book called Inside the mind of a gambler.   I mean if you can enjoy a bet and lost £10.  And walk away then fine. But if you lose all your money and cannot stop until you've tried to win back £10.  You may have problem.    Recognising you have problem is first step.   Addiction presentation part 4 explains way brain becomes wired up in addiction. 

  4. i`m gonna fking kill myself….i just lost again 1000 pounds…i have so much money to give back is incredible….pls God forgive me for what i done…i`m useless i don`t deserve to live on this planet….

  5. a number of the commercial bing game websites will credit you free chips to help you start, i turned 20 into 280 the last week this web site shows you the way PLAY83.COM

    Isn't it okay to just be a good person and be who you are and not have to be great at something?

  6. I pitty him since I have had the same problem for 10 years, but haven't played the last five monthes, I could at the very least bought a appartment for the money, or a luxury car

  7. Please don't put me down when you are ignorant yourself. It is CONTINUOUS shufflers, not automatic shufflers, that make it imposible to count cards, but those are not ubiquitous. There are still many people and teams making money through card counting. Card counting is based on mathematical odds. Poker is subject to the "law of independent trials," as are all other games in a casino except bj, so it is not beatable in the long haul. "Professional gamblers" are professional money losers.

  8. Horses are unpredictable and in poker, the cards are coming out in random order, and reshuffled. The ONLY form of gambling that gives the player a true mathematical advantage is card counting in Blackjack.

  9. yes. I think that when people go to a casino and sign up for a player's card, the casino should be required to hand out fact sheets showing graphs that a person WILL lose their money over time. After all, the cigarette packs are required to carry warnings.

  10. I strongly suggest GAMBLING EDUCATION to be introduced to our children at schools from a young age, I know it won't completly stop them from being gamblers in future but surely it can only minimize the damage gambling can cause to their lives.

  11. Neo, The Biggest problem with gamblers is not the fact they have no idea about the mathmatics/probabilities etc, NO… The biggest problem with all gamblers is their Ego… IT'S HUGE…. My maths ability can beat any man alive but still lost my wife/business/house and I'm sure i'm not the only one this is happened to considering how clever i think i am.

  12. Dear Neo, it's because you don't have a problem with gambling and u make consistant profit out of gambling, it doesn't mean gambling addiction can't destroy the lives of others… It's like drinking, some can control it and enjoy it and some can't, it's the same thing with gambling.. I actually lost few freiends through gambling and I'm not talking about loss of relationships here, but loss of lives, they killed themselves. how sad

  13. what? children are allowed to gamble in europe? crazy. now thats wrong. the minimum should be at least 17 18 or something like that. here in the US you have to be 21

  14. “Gambling is something you do, it is not who you are. You are not a worthless piece of shit; you are a person who—because you have a deadly, vicious, and aggressive disease—has made some really bad choices, and with encouragement and support, you can learn how to make different choices that gain your life back. That will be the biggest win in your life. You are responsible to teaching it to your brain and your also responsible unlearning it. Take the first step admit it your problem"

    The Turk

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