Four Secrets To Winning on Slot Machines • The Jackpot Gents

Steve and Matt Bourie from the American Casino Guide book give their four best secrets for winning more often on slot machines. Topics covered include: joining the players club; setting a budget; knowing when to bet max coins: and slowing down your rate of play.

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35 thoughts on “Four Secrets To Winning on Slot Machines • The Jackpot Gents”

  1. 4 Secrets. 1 Don’t play
    2 Don’t play. 3 Don’t go to Casinos. 4 Buy something for yourself before wasting money in a slot Machine

  2. My husband gave me $100 and I withdraw $200 and used it to play on the slot machine,then I won the jackpot of $17000.. I still had some credit left and played that while waiting on my jackpot then loss some .. so I just decided to get some free coffee kept the remaining credit collect my winning and run out the door ASAP! Need to be smarter than the casino ! Otherwise all your winning will be taken back ! Remember the house will always win if you let them ! 😊

  3. Thanks so much for this info,,I live in Vegas n I’m not a big gambler but it can b fun once in awhile. I’ve seen people right next to me walk away with 12 grand n I’ve seen people smash the machine so hard that turns heads. I walked away with 1700 but I also put $400 in. It depends but all great tips,,,especially about budgeting for that casino trip. ❤.

  4. You mean spending $200 dolllas at A strip club my guy …. I need a educational video for strip clubs . Can yal make a video? Lol

  5. I took some tips from videos on this channel, hit the casino tonight with $350 and with a $4.80 bet on my last active $5 in the machine I landed a 24 spin mega jackpot (not quite the grand prize). Results obviously may vary but thank you!

  6. Secret shoppers too wining but working and never really win but playing to raise your faith that u can win too and 90 percent payback everyplay and ten percent gone every play is stealing all your money and telling you to your face they are and too them everyone is informed so it's ok to rob Stoopid people in reality

  7. Same game always spins and wilds dont fall the same at most casinos …rigged …a.i. has your face getting out your car and already determined you a winner or loser before u get in the house…
    .my x wife's ndn elected dad hit lucky star for millions

  8. I won 17000 of a about 300 deposit and played it all back just saying I need alot more than 17000 positive never give safe guys

  9. I feel as if I have won more than lost and I have my good and bad days but ultimately as a serious gambler it is all random and do not for one moment think that it's set a certain way but if your losing just stop and take a moment and play one last time before you give up those are usually the most unexpected but lucky wins as far as my experience

  10. Thanks for the tips guys. I just recently played a slot machine for the first time and I loved it! One thing about slot machines though is that your money goes so quick and all the odds are stacked up against you. It has nothing to do with skill whatsoever. It's all about luck and some people say timing. But to me it's basically just luck.

  11. Came in with 60 walked out with 340 cash out on big wins play in with left over cash that hasn’t been played make a saving account on hand 3rd time playing I really hope to get better and learn other games

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