FOBT: UK stands up against “crack cocaine” of gambling

Daily Politics, Sky News, BBC News at Six, ITV Evening News & Channel 4 News 17 May 2018

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19 thoughts on “FOBT: UK stands up against “crack cocaine” of gambling”

  1. I think online gambling and casinos are even worse than that…
    If you ban or take measures like that, it should be applied in all forms of gambling
    specially online casinos .. where u can lose thousands of thousands without even moving out
    of your bedroom

  2. Was 12Yrs in the bookies, Watched Fobts and advertising come in big time during the easement by labour. Fobts are horrendous and designed for addiction. At a casino the spin is way longer and gives breathing space and thought same for horse racing and dogs there is space for thought. They made huge profits in the gambling industry none of the profits made it down to the staff in fact the wages went down in real terms, so do not say it improved jobs and crap like that. In fact all responsibility was moved to the staff made them liable for any breaches with huge staff fines and tiny company fines if excluded customers breached their exclusion. The only thing i would say is online is ten times worse, at least in a good bookies you'll get staff that will suggest you take a break. 95% of violence i saw in the bookies was machine related.

  3. fucked my life those machines back on track now but could have killed me I ain't kidding the person u become is unreal a lier a cheat a scum bag we all no what al saying for that fuxking fix I hate the things there so dangerous

  4. It has nothing to do with the stakes on the machines you could allow £500 or even a £1000 a spin and it would not be a problem if the industry regulated it properly.

    Let me explain so if a customer is in the shop every day and is losing money on the machines £100 a spin and loses £1000 in a day and does this regularly no one asks this customer where they are getting there money from or if they are okay with it you don't even have to be a member in a betting shop they don't have any regulation in place to protect people.

    Other operators ain't much better such as casinos ETC but they do require you to be a member if you bet over a certain amount and also will ask you to disclose income if you bet regularly in there something which i think needs to be done in the high street betting shops but it ain't.

    Now we come to the issue of online which everyone thinks that people will go on there to lose there money well before it gets to the point that the government want to limit stakes online the industry associated with online gambling should starts putting into place regulation and protection to stop people losing to much, If someone registers online and deposits £100 and loses it and then wants to deposit another £100 before they are allowed to do so they should be spoken to by a member of staff to establish what levels of gambling they are happy with and limits imposed on their answer to this, Then a software should monitor them to see if they will be at risk of an addiction and don't tell me they have not got software that can do this because they already do it they just don't use the data in a productive way well they do but only productive to them to offer people promotions to get them to play more.

    The best form of protection is prevention if they stop people and help them early enough there will be no issue in the first place don't blame one product for a problem that is far bigger and more wide spread the figures of problem gambling is absolutely wrong gambling operators will not publish accurate figures for fear of what the government would think but they should do and everyone should band together and protect people instead of worrying about how much profit they will make.

    Anyway rant over sorry if any spelling is wrong i just wanted to share my views.

  5. This prick keeps banging on about people going from fobts to online casinos, he knows fine well there is software that can block online casino sites for a tenner a year. A for lost revenue and jobs, the money lost on fobts will go back into the mainstream economy and create jobs and taxes for the government, as an economist he knows that too. What a toser.

  6. There are more betting shops than Tesco’s in certain poor areas. capitalism is going tits up and people are trying to get rich quick to escape their shit lives. Also typical Peterson, he points out a problem but doesn’t want to actually do anything about it. That’s individualism for you.

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