Five Ways to Make Money In Casinos as an Advantage Player! • The Jackpot Gents

Steve and Matt Bourie, from the American Casino Guide book, interview casino consultant Bill Zender about five ways to legally make money in casinos.

They discuss five different methods that any player can use to get a mathematical advantage over the casinos. They talk about what the the methods are, how it can be done, and what kind of mathematical advantage it gives the players.

Zender specializes in table game protection for casinos and he also discusses methods that casinos can use to counter some of these advantage plays.

00:00 Video introduction
01:30 card counting
09:34 hole carding
21:25 match play/free play coupons/matched betting
34:10 bad promotions
42:30 casino mistakes

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29 thoughts on “Five Ways to Make Money In Casinos as an Advantage Player! • The Jackpot Gents”

  1. 1. Don't go in. 2. Walk out right away 3. Do not convery your money to chips 4. Listen to none of the losers in the casino 5. Accept no drinks or comps. Then, you are a winner.

  2. I know a sixth way, take all the casino consultants I’ve had to work with and buy them for what they are worth and sell them for what they think they are worth. Millions in profit easily. Most of those bad promotions you guys talk about, in my experience casino consultants are the ones with those brilliant ideas.

  3. My ex-father-in-law was unable to work due to a disability, so he took up card counting. This man got so good playing at the local Indian reservation casinos, and he kept it on the down low, played only the small steaks tables and didn't get greedy with it by making the huge swings in spreads. He would up his bet from one unit to maybe two and a half.

    He would play 3 to 5 hours per day and come home with 100 to 200 bucks. For a guy on disability coming home with an average of $700 is a week was a huge win, and the casino probably considered that just cost of doing business. He also tipped out well and was a fun and affable guy to be around. He also played in local poker tourneys.

    My ex-wife hated his guts, which is probably why I got along well with the man, but that's another story LOL

  4. I'm in GA now and really miss my WA casinos. I loved the Spanish 21 tables were everywhere. Hard to find that game out here. Granted I've only been down to Biloxi and NOLA casinos lately. Getting ready to try out NC Harrahs.

  5. These guys are idiots Iam a professional and you want me to tell you the truth on how to win !!!!!!
    You must know the game and you can’t play scared and hit and run is the key to any game and press the money when you are hot don’t be scared and that’s the secrets too winning

  6. These strategies are antiquated. First, casinos don't deal enough of the shoe to make card counting beneficial. Usually, they shuffle at or around 50% but at most 70%. You can't gain an advantage that way, especially with 8 decks. Second, sloppy dealers don't exist. The second the eye in the sky sees one bad deal, that dealer is gone.

  7. My favorite edge (in my opinion) would be taking the match play to the roulette table. Lets say you have a $10 match play, you can bet red $10 with the match play, and bet $10 on black. If red hits, you will get paid $20 and walk away with $30. If black hits, you will get paid $10 and walk away with $20. It is a sure way to not lose any money, but a chance to win whatever the match play is worth.

  8. I went to high school with Mrs Maria. She was a known scammer and wasn’t well liked at our school. Not sure how or why all these people act like they trust her. Maybe she’s different today, but I wouldn’t trust her.

  9. If you do not count cards then just leave when you are up even if it's 5 minutes because the longer you play the more the casino will have the edge.

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