Eliminating Vegas Resort & Ticket Fees, Best Super Bowl Parties & More Historic Neon Restored!

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This week President Biden continued his push for the passage of the Junk Fee Prevention Act. Specifically when it comes to Las #Vegas it aims to eliminate resort fees and severely limit ticketing fees. These types of fees have added up over the past few years. Will eliminating them make things cheaper or will it all be priced in?

In other #news #Durango Casino released details of their new 25K square foot food hall and it looks absolutely stunning. The famous Oyster Bar is coming as well. We also discuss the world’s worst bank robbers, how Vegas looks from a small engine aircraft, the best Super Bowl parties in Las Vegas and why Caesars Rewards is launching a travel portal.

Produced & Edited by: Shawn Coomer

0:00 Beautiful low altitude aerial of Las Vegas and Red Rock canyon
1:01 The worst bank robbers in the history of Las Vegas?
1:54 Neon Museum restores 23rd sign – Lido de Paris from Stardust
3:38 Durango casino reveals details of their 25K square food hall with 10 outlets
5:44 Caesars Rewards travel bundle launches – New travel options for members
7:10 MSG Sphere surprises with an earlier opening date than expected
8:37 Las Vegas Super Bowl parties for 2023
10:00 Junk Fee Prevention Act – Eliminating ticket & resort fees
12:13 Will eliminating resort fees actually make hotels cheaper?

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43 thoughts on “Eliminating Vegas Resort & Ticket Fees, Best Super Bowl Parties & More Historic Neon Restored!”

  1. My husband and I went to LV for the Super Bowl weekend . And found that Hard Rock is matching the player card rewards We had our accounts linked for the MGM rewards and got down graded to Gold. Hard Rock gave each one of us$100 in food comps just for the match . So we received $200.
    For pearl they match $50.
    Platinum $300. Per person.

  2. Did u guys see the cosmo f1 update? You can now book non race view rooms for $2300/night and race view rooms for 8k/night but I called today at 11am and was told they didn't have prices ready yet, and when I called back at 3pm they said none were left available but they went for 8k which was over my budget anyway

  3. Its all about what is fair…resort fees to me, are and should be illegal…im glad biden is looking into making resort fees and other unnecessary fees outlawed…its the consumers who pay so much while these resorts make millions and millions of dollars on gambling…I love vegas, love to come 2 to 3 times a year and for me to pay a resort fee is ridiculous and insane…

  4. Thought I give a mentions to this here in Raleigh NC saw a mgm sports book pre paid card for the sports books at mgm hotels it was interesting 🤔 I thought I pass along the info👍

  5. Resort fees are for the hotels profit margin. They don’t share that expense at all with third party sites like Priceline.
    Compared to other cities Las Vegas hotel costs are very reasonable. With taxes and resort fees even. 😅And the hotels are beautiful.

  6. The casinos used to use parking as one of the excuses for having a resort fee. Now many of the Strip casinos are charging a hefty parking fee on top of the resort fee.

  7. i believe that the opposite is true. i feel that mid level and maybe even low level comped players will finally get what we are used to getting which is a truly comped room without any of the bullshit. if this happens then i will stop driving to Foxwoods and start flying to LV again. i am 100% certain that i am far from the only gambler who has a boycotted LV ( have not been in almost 4 years and prior to that had come twice a year for 6 nights each time over the past 3 decades all comped with F&B credit and free play ) because of the petty greed they have all been practicing. thanks for all the info you guys provide!

  8. Federal law governing junk fees will be struck down. That is a function of the state to forbid those fees, not the federal government. You can expect a lawsuit immediately if passed. It will take years to make it's way through the courts, and ultimately struck down by SCOTUS if it makes it that far. Airlines are different and have always been regulated by the feds. A hotel is a totally different story. Sorry, just the reality of it. Great show as always guy!

  9. I stayed at Treasure Island and they had a $39 resort fee for the pool and gym. It was January and their pool was not only closed, it was drained for maintenance. I tried to use the gym, and it was closed for remodeling. So I thought I had a really good case for getting the resort fee eliminated or at least reduced. Amazingly, they would not refund me any amount of it. So I'm in favor of eliminating the fee even if it means they jack up the room price because its a little insulting to imply the resort fee is for some services that are not always available in cases like mine.

  10. Only hope for eliminating resort fees is if feds do something. Have to assume local & state policy makers are sympathetic towards casinos.
    If casinos are willing to comp a player 50.00 resort fee — they will still give similar comp towards the room. ✌️

  11. No resort fees is great for comped rooms , because it is truly free. Once resort fees is charged, then the hotel tax kicks in too. Off the strip on Freemont street, like the D and Circa has no resort fees , so my comped room is truly free !

  12. These guys seem to be lying about the fees.
    Many of the fees are taxes that go to local government to pay for things like baseball parks and football stadiums.
    Another crooked thing about this is when the stadiums are paid off, the local officials fail to retire the tax.

  13. Shawn, I agree on the fees. I'd rather see the fully disclosed cost advertised rather than a $99 room that suddenly becomes $169 at checkout. Also, I hope the bill can do something about Ticketmaster. It was a huge mistake to allow them to buy Live Nation.

  14. Howdy Boys . What a pair of dopes those bank robbers were. Definitely need some training lol. The that’s a lot of boobs comment about the Lido show was hilarious. I’m Diamond with Caesar’s and Gold with MGM and haven’t paid resort fees in years . If they roll them into the room rate it will be interesting to see what perk if any they give us instead. Great discussion as always gentleman 😎😎😎

  15. We come to various MGM resorts a few times a year when we get the rooms comped and free play offers. We do have to pay the resort fees. Caesars, Venetian, Wynn, Treasure Island and Resort World just offer us reduced rates, no comped rooms. I wonder what the 'no resort fees' world of comps will look like.

  16. I think one of the biggest problems with the resort fee is that it’s usually a lie. The property will state that it has certain amenities covered by a resort fee, but in reality, the amenities don’t exist or they’re very poor or just negligible and yet they still say the resort fee is for horrible Wi-Fi. I do think that if they get rid of resort fees that they will just roll the prices forward. Hopefully getting rid of resort fees will make the true price of a hotel room in Las Vegas reflect the real value of the experience.

  17. I've earned my parking and resort fee waivers! Greater disclosure is fine, but don't DMV my Vegas!
    Robbers got about 5 handpays!🤣
    I'm impressed with the Durango Food Hall, that's why I tagged you guys on Instagram.

  18. Those gougey, rapey Ticketmaster fees are just making them hated, bad for the brand, bad PR. This is why I have VOIP-my phone costs $7 mo. no hidden fees, overages and evil onerous contracts. Give me the all inclusive costs up front please.

  19. Here in the Uk I’ve never seen a resort fee, you see the total price and book. Also, I’ve never understood why you can’t just include the tax on goods in shops like we do here in the Uk. It makes life so much easier knowing the total instead of hoping you have enough $$$🇬🇧

  20. The mob Days around Vegas gone so corporate no more hold the pickles hold the lettuce special orders don't upset us all we asked is that you let us have it your way now it's only a hope dream fantasy and Illusion like that kid show the land of the Lost

  21. 4:22 This type of "Food Hall" with each place having its own identity with decor and seating customized/designed for each venue reminds me of going to the Grove in Los Angeles, which is a nice experience. Have either of you been there? Maybe you can see what I mean through online pictures. 10:10 and 12:10 I really liked seeing these hotel room tours as part of your video, playing in the background. It's nice to see and get a better idea of the options of rooms that are available in Vegas, because pictures can only do so much justice and it can be difficult sometimes to find good room tour videos online, even when searching on YouTube.

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