47 thoughts on “Drunk Gambling with Colin & Vlog News! (13th October 2018)”

  1. I just came across your channel this morning. I'm watching this particular video on the 12th! Good luck on the group pull tonight. I've enjoyed how you mix up play with sites and casinos.

  2. It is Las Vegas Day!!!!!!!!!! Matt I hope your checked in by now & having a Huge BEER!!! Get your HAND PAY this trip & GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

  3. Less than 24 hours until you're back !! It's like a late Christmas present! lol One of these times we'll be out there the same time. We'd love to meet you and do one of those group pulls! Safe travels and best of luck Matt!

  4. So excited for your trip this month!! Just a couple more days!!! I won’t be able to get to Vegas this year but I can certainly live vicariously through you sir. Have a great time and may Lady Luck give you a fabulous New Year’s jackpot! 🤠👍

  5. Thanks for the bonus Vlog, Matt. Interesting to see a UK casino in comparison to Vegas. You both looked (and sounded) absolutely plastered by the end of the video! Good times! Can't wait for your January uploads! Looking forward to my own Vegas action in March, 2019.

  6. Man, I will just miss you for a few days… will be in LV  from 12/28 – 1/5/19. Good Luck, I really looking forward to my Trip and Your Videos, Good Luck My Friend. Happy Holidays

  7. Hi Matt – have you set a buy-in amount for the January 12 group pull? I'll be arriving that day and am currently planning on joining in…thanks!

  8. ITS THE TROOPER!!!!!!!!!! Matt Lol. I just watched your video what a surprise thought you would not vlog until your January trip to Vegas. Great to see Colin Hilarious!!! Cheers..

  9. Spent a few loosing nights in reading casinos after racing at ascot! Well done on the win Matt! Love Collins dry humour!!

  10. Thank you for allowing us to join you on your Vegas trips again this year and thank you to yourself and Colin for a fantastically funny uk vlog….loved it! Would love for Colin to get a big win like you had….🍀🍀

  11. Hi Matt. Thanks for the vlogette. It's good to see you hitting a few bonuses again and Colin gracing the
    screen too! I'm in the process of putting up a TR from my trip a few weeks ago onto TA, when I can
    eventually work out what I did and where, but it's coming together. The meet up on 16th Feb sounds like a lot of fun, especially as it's Colin's birthday and despite it being a glamour tie away at Rotherham that day! Roll on January mate! Ade

  12. Love the unexpected bonus vlogs and the Londonized version of your intro was brilliant. Just got back from my October trip and Heidi gave me my best win ever ($558.30 betting only $2.25) at Golden Gate. That was the lone bright spot as I was donating to the casinos the whole trip.

  13. Nice surprise… good to see you both hitting the bonus…. looking forward to your Jan vlogs… and I'm gonna try and do the London meet up… group pull maybe ?? 🇬🇧

  14. Matt, Ive been in Vegas a couple of times you were there, looked for you but our paths never crossed. Been with ya since the first vlog! Would you put me down for the group pull, Im going to try to come. Will send ya another message if I can't. Love to meet you and others and have some fun!

  15. My last two Vegas stays have been suites in the Luxor East Tower. Great rooms, only a short walk from the casino floor and very quiet. I hope you enjoy them as must as I did. Enjoy the rest of 2018. Looking forward to you vlogs in January 2019!

  16. Matt, you have absolutely made my weekend, fabulous vlog and can't wait for January ones. May come along to the Feb meet up sounds like a great night!!!!!!

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