Digital Currency & Online Gambling Expansion in America

📺 Could online gambling expansion be helped by sports betting? We spoke with Casey Clark, the Senior Vice President for Strategic Communications at the American Gaming Association, at the Global Gaming Expo in October of 2021. Discussion included how the pandemic may have helped the the growth of mobile sports betting regulation, and how that growth could have spurred online gambling expansion in America. The topic of digital currency and the next generation of gamblers is also addressed.

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▪️ 00:00 – Welcome to TWiG Interviews!
▪️ 00:13 – Introductions
▪️ 00:35 – Pandemic helps sports betting & online gambling expansion?
▪️ 01:24 – How many states?
▪️ 02:08 – Millennials and Online Gambling
▪️ 03:05 – Digital Currency and Gambling

Sports Betting and Online Gambling Expansion:
The rise in mobile sports betting and online gambling expansion in the U.S. enabled the commercial gaming industry to reach a record $13.6 billion in revenue in the second quarter of 2021, crushing the old mark of $11.1 billion set in the third quarter of 2019.

A report released Tuesday by the American Gaming Association showed that revenue was up more than six-fold for both new mobile options compared to the second quarter of 2019, while slot machine revenue was up 16.7% vs. that period. (We’re setting aside 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.) Table game revenue managed a modest 0.8% gain in spite of limitations on the number of players per table and other pandemic-related changes.

Digital Currency and Gambling
The American Gaming Association is committed to working with regulators, policymakers, and key stakeholders to advance digital currency payment modernization through a thoughtful, collaborative process. Allowing customers to use digital payments in casinos supports public health while providing the choice and convenience they’ve come to expect in their daily lives, whether in casinos or via online gambling expansion.

The AGA’s payments modernization working group has introduced digital currency Payments Modernization Policy Principles that provide a framework for regulators to adopt digital payments on the casino floor and capture the benefits that payments innovation provides. Every gaming jurisdiction will implement digital currency modernization differently.

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