Dean Leaked the Next Step in Casino Heist ?? NOW | NoPixel 3.0

I mean, it has to be Something!

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30 thoughts on “Dean Leaked the Next Step in Casino Heist ?? NOW | NoPixel 3.0”

  1. I understood it more as "you gave him too much confidence, now hes running around thinking everything is a clue"

  2. This is what I think. the generators "redirect" the power, also the generators open different rooms (all the doors that allow you to get into that room only).
    It seems to me that the computer gives you a way to change what a generator is going to open, so they should probably use it to tell the generator that it has to open the locked room that leads to the vault, the door in the room Yuno is.
    There's an elevator in that room that leads to the vault (at least, it seems that the vault is at least one floor higher, on the sign there's a stairs symbol next to "vault"). Once that door opens, Yuno's going to be able to unlock the elevator, giving the others a way up to the vault together with him.
    In the generators room there's a thing that says "Elevator Shaft", so it literally hints at the elevator as the main thing to access to get to the vault and Mickey said it the first time they got there (but he said the vault was down below)
    Now, since it's very clear that the letters the computer gives mean North, South, East and West (even though there hasn't been a W yet), the six things where Harry was can't be part of that puzzle because, by their position, you wouldn't be able to get the cardinal directions, so it must be the magnets in the rooms.
    They tried using magnets on the ones the computer said and nothing happened. This may mean two things: either they need to approach it differently (the rooms told by the computer shouldn't be magnetized) or something did happen but they didn't figure it out yet. I also don't think the var should be done multiple times to unlock anything. It's probably redoable just in case someone messes the solution up, maybe just in the beginning since people are still trying to figure it out.

  3. Every generator opens a different door. I dont know why they are spamming all the gens because it wouldnt make any sense that one opens a door and then all the rest open all doors at one time? Its just not it.

  4. They are doing the heist all offline rn. So most likely they are gonna watch all the vods and everything and not try the ones that didn't work of course. So my opinion, they are magically gonna be coordinated as hell when it's there turn and everyone up streaming and literally one shot the heist in under an hour. No hicups. No errors. Nothing. Which is kinda cringe and sus. Should have been a rule where one person at least has to stream it.

    Lots of credit to Xqc though for actually doing homework and looking for clues and solving most of this just to have all his work taken. Sucks

  5. What DW meant was "Now that people gave harry confidence he is feeling himself and going around like X normally does, trying a lot of things"
    cuz Harry usually just sat on the side waiting for others to say stuff

  6. Funny thing is, it occurred to meant last night that when x hits the generator the lights and everything powers off for two seconds. So each generator isn't for a specific door but for a specific room.

    I think this step is literally just a matter of harry using his magnet on the corresponding room hack which then reactivates the same generator for a few seconds so it can be hit again.

    So either x has to third eye spam for a few seconds or … Harry's hack moves the electricity from one door to another allowing it to be 'magnetised' from inside security.
    It's just so easy and makes so much more sense.

    It was also painful last night seeing them try so many var strategies that required spamming when on the first day they were limited to 5 tries so it didn't make any sense lol.

  7. im pretty sure i solved it… i think they need to get into security get the VR hack done. use the code like theve been… and hack the generators at the same time as they use the magnets

  8. why are y’all so pressed if someone else meta games 😂 just a fuckn video game. enjoy the fuckn content your stream is putting out and don’t mind what everyone else is doing

  9. If you saw the way the tunnel was discovered then surely this next step is something relatively simple instead of doing VR 10 times and 4 generators, the VR is defiantly one of the last steps due to how hard a 10 VR hack is

  10. i have a theory, but since we're not allowed to backseat, let me just post it here, maybe someone will find out.
    magnet does not redirect electricity, magnets generates electricity, so… it only make sense to use it on a dead electric box right?
    so maybe… the ones shown on the VAR computer is the boxes that are alive, the ones you shouldnt magnet. so maybe you have to magnet the ones that are NOT shown on the VAR.

  11. I think Buddha is trying to rely on X too much, he doesn't want to make a move till X says so. But i think Mickey said it great earlier X will figure out how to do the next step but one of the others will find the next step

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