Chasing A JACKPOT On A Moneyline Slot In Las Vegas!

Watch this before playing a Moneyline slot machine at the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

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23 thoughts on “Chasing A JACKPOT On A Moneyline Slot In Las Vegas!”

  1. I too love the freeze frames! No offense, but remember that you are not texting a friend, so avoid abbreviations or short versions of a word. It isn't as cool as it may seem and doesn't save that much time or energy. You are speaking on a hopefully, soon to be very successful channel with a subscriber base in the hundreds of thousands.

  2. I play the $1 bets and the first time I played I did amazing. After that, it’s been a tease ever since. Free spins are super hard to get, but profitable when you do.

  3. I'd rather poke myself in the eye with a stick then watch thos, you'll never get these 16 minutes back.the best part is how stupid he looks frozen in the beginning of the video before he moves

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