CG vs CB Casino Heist Progress in a Nutshell | NoPixel GTA RP

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30 thoughts on “CG vs CB Casino Heist Progress in a Nutshell | NoPixel GTA RP”

  1. After Ramee and Randy put cameras in 503, trying to give them an in game reason to steal the heist, even though they already knew how to start it by meta’ing.

    Doing so stopped X, Sykkuno and Tony from rescuing Buddha, Blau, Ray and Harry, who were locked in the generator room after the power came on, without exposing the entrance.

    Ramee then shat on everyone in his chat for calling him out for being a total scumbag for the rest of his stream.

    At 4:45:45 on his 22nd of Jan stream, someone said, “CB & X put more effort into figuring it out and you’re infiltrating an active heist. Literal jack head meta gamers.”

    This is on FB. So Ramee then clicked on his profile whilst saying “Let’s see what you look like.” 

    I don’t know how others feel about this, but this kind of thing is almost always going to lead to his more cult-like followers cyber bulling the guy for simply disagreeing with him.

    I like to watch the CG guys, I think Mr K is a real funny and cool dude and through him, the others have great chemistry. But Ramee seems like a bit of a bully, and by association, I don’t think I can support CG anymore.

  2. if i was cg i just wouldnt do the hiest …NO THANKS. ppl be like…"stupid voice" oh look they meta …cause they figured it out".

  3. I don’t think they realize that they are actually ruining so much time and effort and also just great content that could of been had. I left no pixel for stuff exactly like this. People are way too selfish in an rp world. They all of a sudden went from knowing nothing , to camping the casino exactly where they’d need to be to see meta unlocks they can use to crazily piece the answer together. Like with the new hack. Crazy how they didn’t even need to think about it. They just knew exactly how to do it right away. They didn’t even try to stay in roleplay. It sucks that they are just rushing through what they know ooc so they can just focus on what the others didn’t figure out yet. The others actually had to do it all fr and spend so much without knowing if they are even close. They were actually trying to figure it out for real. Then you got this group who seems like they just rp as themselves bein sweats on an rp server. There’s a reason there’s a lot less content for these guys doin it. They’re just dull.

  4. CG is the scum of the server that swoops in after all the hard work is done and steals the reward, like they did on yacht and var before vs cb

  5. You guys are overthinking the generators too much. If you read the blueprints, there are MULTIPLE generators BECAUSE CASINO SHOULD STAY ON OVER MULTIPLE INSTANCES OF FAILURE. When they hack a generator, power goes off for a second and then comes back on because there are 3 other generators ready to take over. Otherwise, there is no logical explanation for multiple generators. So my guess is, if they hack them at the same time they will progress to the next level.

  6. I Just feel bad for CG,they are so excited for the heist.Its just so obvious that they already knew the hack,just look at how randy moved his cursor it was like he was trying to prove desperately that he actually calculated the sequence.Ain't nobody in CB did that cursor moving thing.Its so obvious that he ooc practiced it so many times that now on one glimpse he can figure out the answer(as he is a genuinly smart kid)

  7. Everyone in here crying “meta”, “cheater”, and all the other crap just don’t know basic math skills ig.

    Like it’s literally just counting squares lol. Its like a real version of those color mazes you would get as a kid a at restaurant. Just gotta follow the path and count, literally.

  8. the main reason i think it’s upsetting that it was done this way is solely bc of the content. while we see CB actually get excited when figuring out the pieces CG already knows what to expect so it’s not as interesting rp wise.

  9. It's literally like cheating in FPS games, one guy is actually good and when they hit their desired rank it really means a lot to them vs cheaters who can just wall and no rank has any meaning.

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