CB Talk About What Happened During The Casino Heist | No-Pixel 3.1

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18 thoughts on “CB Talk About What Happened During The Casino Heist | No-Pixel 3.1”

  1. I love how they are still doing the rp talk despite not being on the server like "I saw what happened through your eyes" is usually what they say instead of I saw your screen so they don't break rp

  2. God forbid they just listen to Ray there best shooter… I wouldn't mind but CB are a bunch of the worst strategists on the server so I dont know where they get off saying no to Ray

  3. I don’t think the RPG is it. Because they have spawn protection once they came down the elevator. Not to sure what else they could do other then bring hostages down with them?

  4. I think dw intention for the heist was to escape smoothly. but every time you have to wipe the swat? That doesn't sound a very good idea ngl

  5. Guys I know nobody asked but here is my thoughts
    Read before attacking me

    1) CB has been working hard for months trying to figure out casino they have invested lots of money too & PD has doing nothing towards casino but sometimes camping power plant
    2) When CB made to vault 1st time most of them jumped and died & PD Came did there job that was decent response by PD
    3) CB haven't looted a single dollar from casino they are still figuring out lots of stuff (+ the bs rule of 1 day 1 try with key card) I mean the rule is good but only if someone figured out everything and actually successfully robbed the casino.
    4) Dean Watson need to make sure that PD stays away until all things are figured out SWAT can be made exception coz yesterday what PD did was so BS
    5) Yesterday CB did lots of mistakes too
    i) Yuno had key card and he stayed up/forgot to give keycard
    ¡¡) Tony for no reason was 1st one to go down using rope
    iii) No one prepared for actual gun fight coz CB not getting AR gun supply all of them had bad weapons
    iv) Everyone should have had 1 Grappler gun (only 1 Grappler needed if X had the card with him and he opened ladder after hacking for others to go down)

    Again I'm repeating casino is not fully figured out they haven't gotten hand on single dollar so PD should stay away for now or else they are gonna get RPDed, C4ed, Granaded, etc. and even if PD kills CB again it will tilt CB more coz they'll be in more debt

  6. Ok. So what happened was that they got in there without triggering the alarms (lazers) the SWAT and other cops showed up for no reason, they opened fire for no reason (the reason was wrangler) and now everyone is mad, and tomorrow they are gonna fucking clap these cop's booty cheecks

  7. I think it’s risky to let the cops get to the elevator or the vault in general.. that’s why it’s better to take the fight outside

  8. I don’t think it’s one at a time, they all get the command to go down from their pov, but different people load at the bottom at different times, making it seem like one at a time because of the de-sinc or mistiming, they might keep one or two at the top, but I think they try to have as many of them down there as possible to back each other up.

  9. I have a question. Why everytime Ray does something nice , cool or good he has to let every1 involved know that he did it times 2? If he kills 3 cops he says he killed the whole pd… if someone gives him credit for something he did good he brags about it non stop…. if he juked 3 PD cars he says he juked 5 cars …. if he does the hack… he make sure to say that he did it FIRST try…. I can't be the only one that noticed this.

    EDIT: Its nothing against him I find it funny. But he has any type of complex? Like lack of attention or he didnt felt valued in is life?

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