CB Possibly Making Casino Progress? | NoPixel GTA RP

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39 thoughts on “CB Possibly Making Casino Progress? | NoPixel GTA RP”

  1. The amount of complicated copium theories are just getting out of hand.
    Its clearly well designed by DW and people just dont care for what is LITERALLY hinted to them. Its not his fault people have an attention span of a chicken.

    The Password hack is a troll, but guess what, the Password Hint is not! There are unique artworks which relate and boom you have your ABC.

    Math is objective as Dean has said, the order of the Pads might even not be relevant.

  2. My theory. Since we have "confirmed" that 1-1-4 worked when the rotation is A-B-C. That means that when the rotation changes you must change the value of A-B-C accordingly. Example: Say the formation is C-A-B Then you must change the value of C to the value of which A was and switch the value of B with the value of C, because the value would change depending on the letters position on the chart.

  3. On a serious note, DW should just tell everyone exactly how every heist works and is added, but make it actually difficult to do with tons of skill required to do it, like the 10 VAR hack with limited tries, so people need to work hard for it, instead of wasting time looking for it

  4. I feel they should have another person waiting by the lock boxes that corresponds to whatever code they are trying, ready to alternate eye incase there is something that shows up for only a couple seconds after the codes are entered properly

  5. I stopped caring about this heist 2 weeks ago who cares at this point lol the elevator incident has been the only highlight in this whole thing there is no heist at this point they're just gonna fail over and over till they finally get it beyond boring

  6. I like they manually do the math but, they can use excel sheet as the formulae are repetitive untill they find the next step. But at the end of the day, they decide how they want to do

  7. Ok this is kinda troll but what if the password hints at what ABC are? Like favourite colour maybe one of the paintings or sculptures is what they'd have to use and it shows a specific colour and they use the numbers that lead to that as abc. Favourite food, favourite number, etc.

  8. Long time NP watcher, 3 years, this is getting beyond a joke now and when they finally do crack it the novelty would have allready worn off Sadge

  9. This heist has taken such a stupid time… And there isn't any sign of what you should or if you doing right or wrong. They are going to keep trying randomly until one of the two groups guessed it… Not the best ending for a heist but sure.

  10. i think if cb gets it a lot and hoa does too, that's an indicative that it's not scuff, no? considering the only feedback they usually hear is the error one, i doubt they wouldn't get a feedback of some sort or get the same error sound if they manage to do it right.

    that and with how the heist devs are monitoring each group's progress, i doubt they wouldn't have fixed this by now when both groups has been getting it for awhile now.

  11. Theres a document with a code like E1,C1,D2 etc that is written on the page they receive up near the security room. they haven't noticed its got something to do with the lockboxes in the vault

  12. They have to solve one formula at time, solve 1 then put it in, if no error sound, then solve 2nd, and so on… thats why they can read same formulas after no sound event… HOA was having same no sound few times. Imposible for one pearson to solve all 4 in that time. There is no way Dean would make it so you have to ooc e-mail formula betwen 5 ppl to solve it. Also first time formulas time was only 30s, no one could slove 4 in that time.

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