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🌐 – An exciting week of gambling news as most Las Vegas casinos have reopened without Coronavirus restrictions… most, but not all. And what will happen to Las Vegas buffets as we recover from the pandemic? Plus, sports betting continues to expand and adds two more states to the regulated majority. This week’s special offer is from Unique Casino:

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Las Vegas COVID Restrictions End:
Several weeks ago, Governor Steve Sisolak promised Las Vegas casinos would be fully open by June 1st. Now, Nevada regulators confirm that all restrictions in place for the Coronavirus have ended. The Nevada Gaming Control Board has confirmed that as of midnight, June 1st, “…none of Nevada’s counties will retain social distancing or occupancy limitations that would apply to a gaming licensee.”

Meanwhile, at least three Station Casinos remain closed indefinitely. Texas Station, Fiesta Rancho and Fiesta Henderson remain shuttered, and they don’t plan to open anytime soon. Station Casinos cited the “uncertain economic conditions” across the state associated with the tourism industry. However, they have opened other properties after the Coronavirus shutdown. Those include Red Rock Resort, Sunset Station, Santa Fe Station, Palace Station, Wildfire Gaming, Green Valley Ranch, and Boulder Station.

You can read more about Las Vegas COVID restrictions and casino openings on our website:

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