Cash N Casino App Review: Really Earn $500+ PayPal & Cash App? (TRUE Withdrawal Warning!)

This is my Cash N Casino Review for the Android! This money making application is promising up to 500 dollars worth of PayPal and Cash App but today I’m going to show you no Cash N Casino Withdrawal Payment Proof but the TRUE experience on what happens once you earn enough money on it.





Remember guys the only ones who make revenue off these fake money making applications are the scam developers who are just wanting you to watch ads over and over.

I hope the Cash N Casino app gets banned and the scammers get their accounts destroyed as it’s a complete joke that needs to be dealt with by GOOGLE.

0:00 – Intro To Cash N Casino App Review
0:07 – What It Is & Claims To Do
3:15 – The Cash N Casino Payment Proof SCAM

33 thoughts on “Cash N Casino App Review: Really Earn $500+ PayPal & Cash App? (TRUE Withdrawal Warning!)”

  1. They can make the games look all pretty and professional looking but their business model sure as hell isn't. Like what do you expect them to be, fucking millionaires that can shit and piss money?

  2. He's not lying at all. I played and did all the extra spins got every little card unlocked then they told me I had to collect 20 gold bars
    Got 19 and then the app just stopped working. No bars or anything this one really is a scam.

  3. I've been wasting so much time with this app. After so long I finally thought I got it and cashed out on first Pay Pal. And Cash app. One says $500 withdrawn and the other $300. But I can't for the life of me. Find it. And there's no contact box on the app. It shows it deducted. And I'm so sick of all the time stolen from me. I can't even stand using my phone anymore you are exactly right

  4. After deleting an old comment: yes this and similar apps always have multiple hoops to jump through as conditions for payment. Spin 500 times, collect a billion tokens , wait 7+ days for an instant transfer 😆 , after the time is up you have to reenter your info as if they somehow forgot it, then wait 7 MORE days, etc. ad infinitum. One app I tried owes me $10,000 with the payout condition of "collect 15 million coins", which would make the developer about a million bucks in ad revenue by the time you did it. Be fine if they paid it, I would do unnatural things with a barnyard animal for $10 K , but I would need half of it up front.

  5. That's why I stopped playing most of the games cause they have you respin or have you watch more ads when you watched a bunch of em as you was playing the game shit just pissed me off cause the withdraw would take so long like nawh if you have a video bout the game saying that you can win real cash just do that an not deceive us like the devil

  6. These apps remind me of that woman who went crazy in that movie Requiem for a Dream (2000) trying to envision herself winning a big prize on a gameshow lol

    we keep playing them, they keep showing us fake money earned to entice us to play more and more and we just keep being more and more excited despite knowing its all b/s but refusing to believe that, and clinging desparately onto that 0.000001% chance that they JUST , JUST might pay us something lol

    Cash N Casino is a fun app no doubt, however they're lying if they're telling you that you'll win real £££/$$$. How do I know this ? well I've been playing for over a month now and I've maxed out all the payout limits. It will not pay you a dime or a penny. Uninstall this one now, you'll thank me later lol

  7. So I do have a brain and know damn well NO GAME is going to pay me $300 at anytime without me putting some of my own money in. That being said, I wanted to see what requirement was after spinning 100 more times (the game is fun at first). AND now I have to collect 20 gold bricks. I collected 19 and will NEVER find that last brick. Lol! So……DELETE!!!!!

  8. Yah this game doesn't pay out to pay pal or cash app. Say's I won quite a bit of money but doesn't show a way to pay out or anything else in that payment method ?. All bullshit!?

  9. So I have been playing this I have pressed the cash out button on all the PayPal cards up to 1000. After the count down haf fully finished I had to spin a certain amount on all off them did that now I need to get 20 Bricks for 300 usd which seems to be very rare to get I only have 3 so far.. Don't forget though the adds is what pays the company. Also the count down doesn't exist anymore. If I'm able to get 20 bricks by the end of the day I will update my post and let you know if the payout to PayPal actually happens.

  10. Ok so I just played last night took about an hour to get to $500. So this I just hit the PayPal to pay, and now I have a timer this morning for 6 hours of waiting. So now what? I guess I'll see.

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