Betting shops and gambling addiction part 4/4 – UK Documentary

Documentary on the concentration of betting shops in the UK and the hidden dangers of fixed odds betting terminals and slot machines.

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8 thoughts on “Betting shops and gambling addiction part 4/4 – UK Documentary”

  1. Thank you for campaining against gambling. I didn't know the same people who changed the gambling laws are part of the gambling industry, this explains alot. This has affected my life for some years.

  2. The bookies are greedy and don't really care about unemployed people getting addicted ! We can't buy a tv in our hometown (30.000) people yet we have three betting shops ! W.t.f

  3. I appreciate your comments there. I understand where you are coming from and I may be possibly holding faith into something I know little about. I am aware that the petition may seem a radical step to some people , but as long as people are thinking and maybe shifting their perspective a little through the research I am trying to provide here.

    If a few problem gamblers find this information empowering , which i think it could then brilliant. Maybe it will hit them where it hurts, in the pocket

  4. If you want to change things, go straight to the top. William Hill, Ladbrokes, and the rest. Show Britain what these people are really all about: profit through harm.

  5. Dude, campaigns like the one you propose will not be effective. The people that have the political power to change this have been complicit in it since 2000. The machines have been designed specifically for the creation and maintenance of problem gambling – only hard, headline grabbing, evidence of that fact will change things.

  6. You're not alone. This is a scandal, and people are slowly coming understand it. The problem is that both sides of the House are now complicit; what's needed is exposure, probably legal subterfuge with the very top levels of industry. Don't worry, after banking, politics, and the media, I have confidence this disgraceful industry will get what's coming to it. These things have affected some intelligent and driven people; people who are about to turn the tables.

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