Betting shops and gambling addiction part 2/4 – UK Documentary

Documentary on the concentration of betting shops in the UK and the hidden dangers of fixed odds betting terminals and slot machines.

13 thoughts on “Betting shops and gambling addiction part 2/4 – UK Documentary”

  1. TBH People should just STOP going to these places all together. Try and find other things to do, these places aim at the most run down and poor communities.

  2. That is rubbish. You can predict a winning pattern.

    Winning pattern examples:

    Ice hockey. More often than not, Canada will win.

    If you followed this, you would have backed Canada Men at 5/2 and Canada Women at 3/1 in the last Olympics.

    Soccer: More often than not, Germany or Brazil win.

    In the last World Cup, Germany won at 9/1!

    Athletics: More often than not, the favourite wins the 100m.   

    Usain Bolt at 2/1!

    Tennis: A Williams will win.

    Serena Williams at 2/1 in the Australian Open!   

  3. therefore,compare the bookies machines to the 24hour ferry machines that arnt emtied overnite,only twice weekly.They have thing called hoppers,that overspill,when full they pay out the jackpot untill the process starts again.The bookies are robbing us,their is no sure way of winning money UNLESS YOU GET OUT OF BED AND EARN IT

  4. Imagine if for instance,just for instance! The jackpot is a guaranteed sum of £5. But the minimum stake is £1 WOULD ANYONE PLAY? Of course not,because the odds are highly in the favour of the machine.But you up the jackpot to £500 pounds with same stake,the odds look more attractive.But the more money paid,does not drop the odds,it merely allows the machine to take more and more money,untill the machine is full.Now these machines are emptied over night SO NO MONEY IS LEFT ON THE PREMISES,ENUFSED

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