All Highways In Nevada Become Rivers || Historic Flash Floods In Laughlin, Mohave, Topock

All Highways In Nevada Become Rivers || Historic Flash Floods In Laughlin, Mohave, Topock

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Wednesday afternoon’s thunderstorm left people stranded and roads across the three states were flooded.
Mohave County experienced consistent stormy weather and the city of Lake Havasu received hail accompanied by extensive lightning.
The Topock area received a late afternoon tornado warning for conditions that could lead to funneling, although no tornadoes were sighted as of 7:30 p.m.

In Laughlin, flooding almost reached car windows in some areas, and the roadway on Casino Drive and Thomas Edison Drive was impassable at one point due to flooding.
As of 7:30 p.m., Casino Drive was closed in both directions between Harrah’s Laughlin Casino and the Bay Shore Inn.
Rapid water rescues were carried out across the region, from Bullhead City to Golden Shores. According to the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office radio chat, County 1 through Golden Shores was at one point closed due to flooding.
and rapid water rescues were conducted between Points 2 and 4 along the roadway.

A civilian was trapped in the flood channel on the east side of State Route 95 near Airport Center Drive, according to the Bullhead City Fire Department.
He was safely removed from the tree after hanging on to a tree, waiting to be rescued.

In Bullhead City, the SR-95 and 7th Street area was closed for some time in the afternoon due to flooding.
Closing northbound and southbound lanes and diverting traffic onto Bullhead Parkway through Laughlin Ranch Road.
City personnel were able to clear the affected area and resume traffic around 5:30 p.m., according to radio chatter.
Videos posted online showed McCormick Road turning into a river of rainwater rushing downhill.
The Mohave Valley Daily News will provide a detailed weather summary for the Tri-State area in tomorrow’s edition.

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  1. "He was safely removed from the tree after hanging on to a tree"

    Excellent reporting right there!

    …other than the fact that "All Highways In Nevada" didn't become rivers.

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  4. As a born & raised, currently residing NORTHERN Nevadan/Great Basin native, I can confirm that the rest of Nevada & most counties are FINE! Clark County is NOT all of Nevada! Only places like Incline Village to Zephyr Cove, are affected with snow. The Truckee River that runs through Reno downtown is STILL fine!! Northern Nevada lives in a mountain range SHADOW! Meaning only towns in the passes & mountains most affected not so much our basin floors like reno, Sparks, Fernley, fallon, hawthorn, Tonopah etc are FINE. You choose to live in and build on a flood plain, be ready for the consequences. Clark County is around 2000 ft lower than Washoe County in the north! BATTLE BORN💙🌟

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