7 MORE Cruise 'Secrets' Hidden in Plain Sight (Casino Games, Lifeboats, Flags, Discounts & More)

A few months ago, I made a video diving into cruise secrets. That video has received almost 900,000 views… and so now I’ve got even more cruise secrets that are hiding in plain sight on cruise ships.

Today, I’ll dive into what all these flags mean when you see them on a ship. Some little-known secrets about a few popular casino games you’ll see, and so much more.

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29 thoughts on “7 MORE Cruise 'Secrets' Hidden in Plain Sight (Casino Games, Lifeboats, Flags, Discounts & More)”

  1. Interesting points. The use of the flags is not unique to Cruise Lines, these are normal maritime rules used by all ships, likewise, rat guards are used by all ships when alongside.

  2. Each dome contains a satellite dish, similar to remote homes. The difference is the tracking motors which allow the dish to turn left/right up/down with the movement of the ship, always maintaining focus on the nearest satellite. The dome is just a radio transparent (fiberglass) cover to keep out rain, dust and wind. They were once just used for phone lines. Now they are mostly for internet. If Tesla Starlink (or similar) is widely adopted, the large domes will no longer be needed.

  3. Here’s another secret that needs an answer. What is the purpose of the rope with a flag at the bottom that hangs down from the bow of a cruise ship while moored?

  4. I’m actually grateful for the fresh wallet idea. If I prepay for more things, I stretch my budget more. I like being able to add things to my cruise as I can pay for them instead of trying to pay off a massive credit card bill at the end of the cruise.

  5. My gambling payoff…my $20 bucks in the slots just gave me a great return to the ship with a free ocean view stateroom and $400US onboard credit….works for me! 😊😊🥂

  6. I won 27,000.00 in 5 minutes playing slots in the casino then quit. To my shock the IRS was waiting for me at the dock. Ship left from and returned to a US port. Ouch

  7. those rat guards, we have them on powerline's as well here in Australia…they are in place to stop the possums running the cables..unfortunately the possums still get on the roves and have a party across the tiles in the wee hours of the morning..chuckle..

  8. also good to know that cruise ship casinos are not regulated like they are in Vegas or Atlantic City. There is not a requirement for a certain percentage return on slots for example. Automatic shuffling and dealing machines are computers and have sensors so can deal from different parts of the deck, just like a slot machine is programmable. You are better off with craps of all the games as the player controls the dice. Even roulette is controlled by which way the wheel spins and the speed the ball is launched. You will notice the roulette dealer will spin the wheel in different directions to affect the odds. in card games the dealer will only shuffle the cards a couple of times, and when they lay the deck out watch how they mix the cards. some dealers just move them around and don't actually mix them up. Craps is truly the only game in which the house does not have some control over the outcome. I think the international community should establish some regulations of cruise ship casinos and have some oversight of them.

  9. 300 panicking people with anxiety and panic attacks- hopefully you won't be in those life boats for long. I wonder if there is any data on how long that will be.

  10. Sorry you felt the need to use a lame, dishonest, manipulative clickbait thumbnail to get views. You must think your viewers are idiots. I unsubscribe.

  11. I was an electronics technician on gaming machines, and all you say is correct, The cranes you adjust the percentage by timing micro power to release the claw after say two seconds
    The same with all the other machines
    I made a mistake on one cruise, Whilst your knowledge can not affect the result, I came aboard a ship that had 70% of its gaming machines out of order (losing a lot of money)
    I advised the manager I could help her restore the machines to maximum profit by repairing them FOC, Big mistake, my wife and I enjoy wasting money on roulette
    I played ONE spin and in two seconds the manager took over and watched us like a hawk, To be honest there is nothing anyone can do to change the odds

  12. Hello and excellent video! The sphere you mentioned is called radom. It houses a satellite communications antenna. That is how the ship is able to provide internet connectivity and other services while at sea. The radom protects the antenna and signals from the elements and humans. It also protects people from the antenna as it is constantly moving to track the intended satellite. Awesome research to identify the companies and their current owner!


  14. Beware of the free drink packages that are offered with booking a cruise. The drink may be free but you will be automatically charged a 15-20% tip for each drink that you get. If everyone on board has the “free drink package” believe me the prices of the drinks are raised so the tips are higher. An $18 “Free” drink will actually cost you $2.70-$3.60.

  15. Fantastic video. I might suggest speeding it up and adding some on-screen edits, like arrows pointing to things. Otherwise fantastic audio and editing.

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