$500k casino heist in Black Hawk is largest in Colorado history

The largest casino heist in Colorado history happened as the clocks sprung forward.

Investigators said early the morning Daylight Saving Time began, a cashier walked out of the Monarch Casino with $500,000 in cash.

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16 thoughts on “$500k casino heist in Black Hawk is largest in Colorado history”

  1. Assuming she was in on it, she missed an important detail on the plan…to get away with it. Perhaps to have a passport and plane ticket out of country ready immediately after the transaction and keeping some portion of it. Not doing this, I have to assume she wasn't in on the scam and woefully ignorant. Regardless, the news report said they doubt they will recoup the money, which I mean to read as, they are eyeballing large transactions right now, and expect the thief to slip up and buy a Ferrari or something with cash right now. Believe it.

  2. As someone who worked in Black Hawk for six years, I can assure you that the "levels of controls" referenced don't exist or are too dysfunctional to be effective because most of the folks working the industry here don't know what the fuck is going on. Black Hawk skated by because it was low limit for most of its existence. Don't be surprised if there is a rash of this going forward now that no limit gaming is approved. Colorado gaming has very poor protections, an almost non-existent culture of fraud and cheat detection, and little to no training for staff on even common fraud and cheat practices. I've watched upper management fail to identify clearly fake bills, try to approve money laundering, and intentionally violate SOP and ICMP simply because they think they can. Can't wait to see what happens.

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  4. Emergency rooms have video cameras .And cell phone tracking add to the videos of traffic and that late at night . The similarities of vehicles and very observant emergency rooms and police cams that are usually at late night bringing blood test for drivers or bar fight victims that a reward may also add to those who had suddenly had been seen with large amounts of cash. That before as hospital workers are payed poorly except doctors who pay a lot of taxes and school grants . That such a event is difficult to believe . Her act had been thought out and had not been random to just all of a sudden act in a high secure area. That she probably knew she would be caught. And is going to sit it out in jail . To get out with early release . And then be a Bahama Mama on the beach .

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