5 best & 5 worst casino games to play.

In this video I cover which games offer you a low house edge and which ones rake in the big bucks for the casinos. Discover what games offer you the best chances of winning in the casino and which ones offer the lowest chances. Of course luck is at play, no matter what game you choose. However selecting the right game and bet to place will optimize your chances and make it more difficult for the house to come away with your money. I cover many of the most popular games in the casino such as Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, slots and more. See which 5 are the best and which 5 are the worst!

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  1. Craps: Yes, pass line bet for the come out roll. Come bet for next roll. It protects against a craps roll. Money management. If you have $100 with you, quit when you are up 50%, or down 30%. Take a break, walk around. The excitement in craps can cause really bad 'group think' for many people, so good to walk away for a short time, then come back and use the same bets and money management. I have learned the above rom living in Reno four years, and my best 2 hours at craps using above, is $500 and change. Have never lost entire $100.

  2. I am from England where i work as a journalist until i met Expert Mrs AVA. Mrs AVA is legit and her method works like magic. I keep earning every single week with her new strategy.

  3. A standard blackjack table has about 0.5% house advantage if you're playing basic strategy properly. Do that with a good betting strategy and it might be the best game in there. Learn to count cards and some deviations and you'll actually have an advantage over the house.

  4. Question for you I heard anything higher than miminim bet you should put those chips underneeth the pass line, because the house makes no commission on the odds bet underneath the pass line. Is that a good play? Example say minimum is $5 so put $5 on the pass line and $10 on odds right underneath the pass line. Also known as putting chips on true odds underneath the pass line.

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