“48 Hours” investigates: “Eric Smith: Gambling On a Killer”

Eric Smith was released from prison in February after spending 28 years behind bars for the 1993 murder of a 4-year-old boy. “48 Hours” contributor Jim Axelrod joins “CBS Mornings” as he sits down with the parents of the murdered child for their first extensive interview since Smith’s release

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47 thoughts on ““48 Hours” investigates: “Eric Smith: Gambling On a Killer””

  1. Shouldn't have wasted 28yrs either eye for an eye in my opinion. They let this creep out and sentence my friend to prison for 30yrs for possession of Heroin lol our justice system makes no sense at all.

  2. He had a history of animal abuse. He bullied children younger than him. When he spoke of how he tortured his victim he would get excited and build his confidence. He did not feel remorse. He wants to work with children as an adult. Those are red flags. I hope people in his community read up on him. This man may be a social experiment to his law school girlfriend but to his victims he will be a monster.

  3. People change. I was literally a different person when I was 14. I know none of y'all believe him, and I don't fully either. But I do believe he did his time and deserves a chance. He was 14 when he killed that boy, like I said we were all different at 14. On the other hand I feel super bad for the victims family, to have to know that the man that killed their son is free again. I highly doubt we will ever hear about Eric Smith again, he's gonna stay in the shadows.

  4. Leave Eric Smith alone , he served his time , he was a child when he murdered a child , can we ever just let that go ? The little murdered boys family would feel better if they could forgive him .

  5. Smith basically grew up in an institution. Who knows how that might have affected his mental development? How is this man going to function in society? What about the Robies? They will have to live with the fact that their son's killer is out there somewhere.

  6. Someone gonna find him, some people not like child killers. He was still is sick in the head to what he did to that little innocent kid

  7. I think a lot of people in this comment section are absolutely selfish saying that he should stay in prison. He was a child that went through some pretty traumatic moments and got no help throughout that time. He NEEDS HELP, NOT A PRISON SENTENCE. You people think the only logical thing to do is send people to prison cause they don’t want to deal with the situation themselves. Yes some people should have life sentences. But everyone deserves help. No matter how cruel they may be. Not everyone grows up in a healthy family. Some people have is worse than others which leads them to making bad decisions.

  8. I remember very well when this happened as I live in upstate New York.
    Very disturbing, unbiblical, evil and inconceivable that this creature was released from it’s cage. It should have been put down like a stray dog.

  9. Someone’s child is going to pay for this mistake if he isn’t closely monitored he should have an ankle monitor for no less than 5 years and even then I’m not sure that’s long enough with how long he has been in prison knowing he would get out but he needs parole condition of a lifetime of of mandatory counseling. Under no circumstances be allowed to be around children alone. You cannot make me believe he has not sat there and came up with more sadistic ways of hurting another child with what he did to the first one at just 13.

  10. If he has a child I hope he has truly changed and doesn’t do the same to that child. I also hope he doesn’t get bothered too much because if people bother him it will only push him into madness

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