25 DIRTY TRICKS Las Vegas Casinos use to TAKE YOUR MONEY

Las Vegas casinos use all sorts of dirty tricks and scams to separate you from your money. This is how they do it.
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I’m Jordan, an American living in Mexico with my Husky, Laska. In January of 2018 I left the US to start traveling Mexico. Since then, I’ve been making travel videos about my life in Mexico, travel tips, Las Vegas tips videos, and advice for those considering moving abroad.

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25 thoughts on “25 DIRTY TRICKS Las Vegas Casinos use to TAKE YOUR MONEY”

  1. Damn, I'm turning 19 this year and watching videos like this, is honestly making me feel like I shouldn't get myself caught into casinos. I'm glad I saw this video because this just gave me the motivation on what not to do whenever I might wanna get buzzed😏😂

  2. I think they use shills to act crazy and loud when they are winning and act like they are having fun at certain tables. There are shills that bet real big and act crazy to make customers feel like it’s the thing to do. Then, when the shill blows all their casino money, he quietly disappears and goes back and gets some more cash to lose from his casino bosses. I think most of the loud screamers at casinos are shills.

  3. you could also mention that many of the dealers at the tables are unfriendly, haughty, and in sometimes annoying — the blackjack dealer that tormented Chevy Chase in the movie Vegas Vacation was a real experience in my mind

  4. I had police escort me out of I think the Flamingo casino not sure which casino but I was just playing someone's money that was left on the slot machine they saw me checking the machine and playing it. 🎰

  5. Who want to Las Vegas knowing that they are going to play many different tricks to scam you right and left, including hotels, buffet and all kind of tricks and abuses. I am not impressed by the lousy lights, they can keep it and I hope that people in general will stop going to Las Vegas so the place would be more civilize instead of having a den to thieves and criminals of all kind.

  6. Been to America/Vegas several times (2002 – 2015): I used to say "Vegas – so tacky it's great". Not any more – nowadays it's "America? Sh1thole country. Well done Dolt .45, I ain't returning".

  7. I'm taking a trip to Vegas soon and plan on playing just the slots. I look at it as entertainment , like an arcade, and have no expectation at all to win. I'm going to take just what I'm willing to lose and if I leave with more than zero it was a success. I think this is the only healthy way to view gambling

  8. I always win at BJ. So much so, my local casino asked me to leave . Only for turning $500 into $3,000 (last time I was there). I'm a very good blackjack player, and they don't like that.

  9. You didn’t mention “shields” were the casinos pay someone to sit in front of a machine that they know is going to hit the jackpot but the player doesn’t get the pay out. But does get an agreed amount for their service.

  10. The most devious method casinos use is to charge gamblers a fee to play in their casino. The fee may be in the form of parking, use of a spa, or even for the room . Once they have you in their clutches, they know that you will haunt the casino floor all night.

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