11 Strange Casino Games That Actually Exist

Strange casino games. From playing tic tac toe against a chicken to guessing what hole a hamster will enter, we take a surprising look at 11 strange casino games that actually exist. Subscribe:

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39 thoughts on “11 Strange Casino Games That Actually Exist”

  1. I remember seeing a non-gambling version of the chicken playing tic tac toe game in Chinatown once. It had a little paper on it that read that the chicken might not always be in the mood to play, so buyer beware. Honestly, the hen looked pretty content to just sit there.

  2. The ones with the animals involved seem too easy to rig in some way. Not like the casinos need any help taking your money, but I bet that chicken's a cheater

  3. ANOTHER GREAT VIDEO!!! I think the one I would play would be the chicken tic tac toe cause you never know that could be easy money right there!

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