🧐 How to have the ADVANTAGE at the Casino!

Smart gambling is fun gambling in today’s video from our partner Agua Caliente!

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0:00 Wizard of Oz Follow the Yellow Brick Road
9:31 Ultra Rush Gold Wei Yi
1542 Rich Little Piggies: Hog Wild
23:50 Kung Fu Empress

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🎬 Filmed & edited by Michael Mark.

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34 thoughts on “🧐 How to have the ADVANTAGE at the Casino!”

  1. I would love to see a side by side comparison of machines that look like they have the advantage vs ones that don’t. It honestly didn’t seem like you had an advantage but I did enjoy seeing the different games and their settings. You’re so fun to watch.

  2. Oz is one of those games you told us to avoid. It's a movie. You said no shows, movies, or anything based on a character. The machines are only fixed by them, not the casino. And they want a cut bringing the chance of wining down % wise.

  3. Okay, now I'm super curious. During the bonus on Rich Little Piggies with the 20 free spins and the 100 Wild symbols, there were only 41 Wilds that dropped during the free spins.
    I guess I haven't paid attention before and assumed that 100 free wilds would fall during the bonus, that isn't true?

  4. Loved this video Brian. Me and my friend do this. We have fun walking our whole home casino going through all the bets on these type machines looking to see which machines have things left on them. I didn’t know there was a name to it other than what we call it. ( Slumming). Hilarious. Keep the great videos coming. 🍻

  5. So happy to see you in Town Brian! 🌴

    Love watching you but honestly a bit painful at the beginning of this video. However, im not surprised coming from Agua Caliente. I never win here and the experience I've had with Host Rosaline Ates from Rancho Mirage was awful! Sadly they are the only choice we have in town.

  6. Good morning! It's hard for me to watch you playing at the 2 Palm Springs casinos. I have never seen such brutal venues in my life. Not sure if its consistent bad timing or bad game settings?? Love watching you, when you have a chance to win. Your team is amazing. Keep up the good work!!!!

  7. 19:15 … Just goes to show you, it does NOT matter if there's 15 Wilds or 100 Wilds on the board. If the machine is going to give you Wilds, it will even if you only have 15. And if it won't, it won't matter if you have the max number of Wild games won.

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