VIXIO Training Solutions: Understanding Problem Gambling

Statistics show that for every one problem gambler a further eight to ten individuals are also adversely impacted. If left unaddressed, problem gambling can lead to health implications, instabilities in personal finances and home life, and breakdowns in relationships for the affected individuals. In addition to the individual consequences mentioned, problem gambling puts strain on health and social care services and can wreak havoc for gambling operators who may experience fines, reputational risk and demoralised staff.

Ensuring your employees are adequately trained in responsible gambling is a crucial component of holding a gambling licence.

The objective of the VIXIO Training Solutions, Understanding Problem Gambling course is to help your organisation better understand problem gambling and why it is dangerous, identify problem gamblers, and manage contact with problem gamblers.

This course is suitable for all employees within the organisation and is designed to educate and train them in the basics of problem gambling so that players may continue to enjoy your service in a safe, secure and supportive manner.